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New Delivery options - DPD for European customers

Good day, everyone!

We have added a new parcel delivery option for our European customers - DPD. It is cheap, fast and safe courier service.

We support majority of European countries - Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, Norway, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, Belgium, Czech Republics, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia.

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Changes in regular mail shipping

Dear customers,

our regular post service and EMS can provide shipping to limited list of countries for the time being: Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, The Netherlands, UAE, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Great Britain, France, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, United States, Denmark, Ireland, Norway.

If you are from another country, we can provide shipping with our courier service, like UPS, FED EX, TNT, DHL, DPD.

Ask you questions on e-mail or in Messages on our Facebook page.

And stay safe!

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Site update 20 Feb 2020

Read about our new features.

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New Arrivals in January 2019


Febi Bilstein is one of the most popular worldwide spare parts brand. From today We offer more than 37000 parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles on our Cars245 Automotive Parts® website. Check out!

Bremi Premium Car Systems.

Our next arrival is Bremi Premium Car Systems. They are producing high quality vehicle electrics — wheel speed sensors, Air mass meters, glow plugs, crankshaft and camshaft sensors. Check out!

Metzger Autoteile.

Last but not least is another german manufacturer — Metzger Autoteile. It is family owned company, founded in 1980. Metzger produces wide range of good — electronics, brake disks/pads/shoes, engine parts, timing belt kits, ST sport suspensions and many more. Check out!

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Product card overview

Product overview was implemented on our web site to provide the most detailed information about the product the buyer, so that the purchase procedure is clear, secure, and convenient.

The entire map may be divided into 4 sections – general section, product description, status and purchase, and compatibility section. In order for you to use the information displayed as effectively as it is possible, and to understand how the solutions used on our website help facilitate the purchase process, we tried our best to explain every definition in the article below.

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How to find number of genuine part

Each model of car parts has its own unique catalogue number, given by the manufacturer of the part at the design stage, or when launching manufacturing thereof. The format of this number depends only of internal processes at the manufacturing, or in retail networks of trade of ready products, and it completely differs from enumeration of analogical parts manufactured by another brands. You may make sure of it, when looking at any product on our web page: under description of technical parameters you may find tables of compatibility/compliance of codes for analogical product made by different manufacturers.

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How to search for parts correctly by the number using the search

The catalogue of our shop includes several million names of parts for numerous range of cars and motorbikes manufactured all over the world during several last decades. Correct use of all opportunities of search engine will significantly facilitate search for necessary part, and will save your time.

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Types of headlights: halogen lamps

Halogen optics was invented more than 50 years ago, and it has been distributed all over the world most widely. Conceptually, this type of lamps, by its structure, is similar to ordinary incandescent lamps, but the air in the bulb is substituted for special gas, thus significantly improving technical characteristics and length of service of lamps. The main advantage of technology, comparing to the latest solutions, is low price and the widest range of available models. Their luminous efficacy is significantly higher than that of incandescent lamps, inner surface does not become dark in time being, but the length of service is almost twice as longer.

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Types of headlights: LED lamps and matrix headlights

LED rear lights have been considered as something common for a long time, and they became popular thanks to bright light and possibility to create different design solutions in field of car arrangements. However, ultra-bright light diodes, emitting the white light, have been used in headlights only since 2007.

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Types of headlights: incandescent lamps

Evolution of modern vehicles includes not only development of technically more complex and more perfect cars with
different functions necessary to improve safety and comfort, when driving, but also application of even more
innovative solutions in all automotive nodes. One of the most demonstrative nods in this sense is headlamps, since
new solutions have been invented in structure thereof, technologies like incandescent lamps irreversibly becoming

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Types of headlights: Laser Lamps

Laser lamps have been the newest technology in manufacturing of headlamps, which was presented to the public in 2011 for the first time. The principle of operation thereof is based on moving of powerful laser beam through the container filled with phosphoric composition, providing bright and regular glow. One of the main advantages of such system is small size and possibility of utmost precise computer control over the beam of light. Such technology provides almost unlimited opportunities of development of computerised systems of control over the car beam of light and merging thereof with safety systems.

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Types of headlights: xenon lamps

After many years of domination of halogen-type lamps in the market of car lights, rise of xenon lamps became revolutionary solution for car amateurs. Bright light of spectrum, which is pleasant for the eyes, given by lamps of this type, significantly excelled options provided by all technicalutions available at that moment.

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Infrared night vision systems

When driving at night or in bad weather conditions, the driver experiences heavy stress to control situation on the road. Intensive lighting of road surface and shoulders with headlights might resolve the problem, but such light would dazzle drivers moving towards you and would cause emergency. As a solution, developers have offered two conceptual night vision systems

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Optics: genuine parts vs. aftermarket

Each car driver, who takes care of technical condition of the car, periodically meets the issue related to selection of parts for repair. There is extensive range of products, represented in the market, from various manufacturers and of different price categories. The simplest solution is to undergo maintenance in the local service centre of the car manufacturer, and to install only officially approved genuine parts into the car. However, not all of drivers will consider such approach as rational and financially reasoned. At the same time, choice of alternative parts is often related to the risk of buying of low-quality parts.

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Aftermarket parts are not counterfeit

There is an opinion among many car owners that after tear of genuine parts only genuine (OEM) parts, analogical to the latter, should be installed in the car, because other parts do not comply with quality thereof, and do not differ from the counterfeit much. To large extent, the reason of such point of view may be explained as lack of understanding of the essence of the term “aftermarket”.

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How to distinguish between genuine part and counterfeit?

Each driver, who appreciates his car very much, will try to install the best parts from among available in the market therein. Certainly, the best choice would be original parts, which guarantee the utmost quality, full compliance with car nodes, and long period of service.

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How to search parts by your vehicle

The catalogue of our shop includes several million names of parts for numerous range of cars and motorbikes manufactured all over the world during several last decades. If the precise number of the part you are looking for is unknown, correct use of all opportunities of search engine will make search of the part you need fast and maximally convenient. There are only three simple steps between you and acquisition of desired result.

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Types and differences of auto parts in the car market. Part 2

From second article you will know about parts produced by manufacturers for aftermarket, refurbished parts, used parts and counterfeits.

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Types and differences of automotive parts in the car market.

Today, automotive market offers enormous number of car parts of different types, brands and prices. Let’s make clear, what is the difference between them, and why the price of the same part made by different manufacturer may vary for several times.