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Timing Chain Kit

Art-Nr: 341500001530

Supplier: MAGNETI MARELLI Unknown
Timing Chain Kit MAGNETI MARELLI 341500001530
Timing Chain Kit MAGNETI MARELLI 341500001530 main

Product info

Number of chain links:
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:
without gasket / seal
Supplementary Article/Info 2:
with bolts/screws
Chain Type:
Low-noise chain
Closed chain
Timing Chain Kit
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
MAGNETI MARELLI 341500001530 Unknown Timing Chain Kit
RENAULT 123095499R Original Part - 123095499R - Scr-Crankshaft Pul
RENAULT 130C12345R Original Part - 130C12345r - Set-Timer Sft Drvr
RENAULT 7703002662 Original Part - 7703002662 - Flgd H Head Screw
RENAULT 7703002748 Original Part - 7703002748 - Flgd Hex Head Scr
RENAULT 130706994R
RENAULT 130853566R
RENAULT 130853626R
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
DACIADOKKER Express Box Body/MPVH5F 402Petrol1.2114hp84kw2012-now
DACIADOKKER Express Box Body/MPVH5F 408Petrol1.2116hp85kw2015-now
DACIADOKKER MPV (KE_)H5F 402Petrol1.2115hp85kw2012-now
DACIADOKKER MPV (KE_)H5F 408Petrol1.2115hp85kw2012-now
DACIADUSTER (HM_)H5F 408Petrol1.2125hp92kw2017-now
DACIADUSTER (HM_)H5F 410Petrol1.2125hp92kw2017-now
DACIADUSTER (HS_)H5F 404Petrol1.2125hp92kw2013-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)H5F 408Petrol1.2125hp92kw2013-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)H5F 410Petrol1.2125hp92kw2015-2018
DACIADUSTER SUV VanH5F 410Petrol1.2125hp92kw2013-now
DACIADUSTERH5F 404Petrol1.2125hp92kw2013-2018
DACIADUSTERH5F 408Petrol1.2125hp92kw2013-2018
DACIADUSTERH5F 410Petrol1.2125hp92kw2015-2018
DACIALODGY (JS_)H5F 402Petrol1.2115hp85kw2012-now
DACIALODGY (JS_)H5F 408Petrol1.2115hp85kw2012-now
DACIALOGAN IIH4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
DACIALOGAN IIH4B 405Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2015-now
DACIALOGAN IIH4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
DACIALOGAN IIH4B 410Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2015-now
DACIALOGAN MCV IIH4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2013-now
DACIALOGAN MCV IIH4B 405Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2015-now
DACIALOGAN MCV IIH4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2013-now
DACIALOGAN MCV IIH4B 410Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2015-now
DACIASANDERO IIH4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
DACIASANDERO IIH4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
DACIASANDERO IIH4B 410Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2015-now
MERCEDES-BENZCITAN Box Body/MPV (W415)M 200.711Petrol1.2114hp84kw2013-2021
MERCEDES-BENZCITAN MPV (W415)M 200.711Petrol1.2114hp84kw2013-2021
NISSANJUKE (F15)HRA2DDTPetrol1.2115hp85kw2014-now
NISSANMICRA V (K14)H4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2016-now
NISSANMICRA V (K14)HR09DETPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.987hp64kw2019-now
NISSANMICRA V (K14)HR09DETPetrol0.990hp66kw2016-now
NISSANPULSAR Hatchback (C13)HRA2DDTPetrol1.2115hp85kw2014-now
NISSANQASHQAI II SUV (J11, J11_)HRA2DDTPetrol1.2115hp85kw2013-now
RENAULTCAPTUR I (J5_, H5_)H4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2013-now
RENAULTCAPTUR I (J5_, H5_)H4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2013-now
RENAULTCAPTUR I (J5_, H5_)H4B 412Petrol0.990hp66kw2013-now
RENAULTCAPTUR I (J5_, H5_)H5F 403Petrol1.2120hp88kw2013-now
RENAULTCAPTUR I (J5_, H5_)H5F 408Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTCAPTUR I (J5_, H5_)H5F 408Petrol1.2132hp97kw2018-now
RENAULTCAPTUR I (J5_, H5_)H5F 412Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IV (BH_)H4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
RENAULTCLIO IV (BH_)H4B 408Petrol0.976hp56kw2018-now
RENAULTCLIO IV (BH_)H4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
RENAULTCLIO IV (BH_)H4B 410Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IV (BH_)H5F 403Petrol1.2120hp88kw2013-now
RENAULTCLIO IV (BH_)H5F 408Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IV (BH_)H5F 412Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Estate Van (KH_)H4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2014-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Grandtour (KH_)H4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2013-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Grandtour (KH_)H4B 408Petrol0.976hp56kw2018-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Grandtour (KH_)H4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2013-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Grandtour (KH_)H5F 403Petrol1.2120hp88kw2013-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Grandtour (KH_)H5F 408Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Grandtour (KH_)H5F 412Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Hatchback Van (BH_)H4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2014-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Hatchback Van (BH_)H4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2014-now
RENAULTCLIO IV Hatchback Van (BH_)H4B 410Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2015-now
RENAULTCLIO IVH4B 400Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
RENAULTCLIO IVH4B 408Petrol0.976hp56kw2018-now
RENAULTCLIO IVH4B 408Petrol0.990hp66kw2012-now
RENAULTCLIO IVH4B 410Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IVH5F 403Petrol1.2120hp88kw2013-now
RENAULTCLIO IVH5F 408Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTCLIO IVH5F 412Petrol1.2118hp87kw2016-now
RENAULTGRAND SCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H4J 700Petrol1.4131hp96kw2009-now
RENAULTGRAND SCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H5F 400Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-now
RENAULTGRAND SCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H5F 404Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTGRAND SCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2131hp96kw2014-now
RENAULTGRAND SCÉNIC IV (R9_)H5F 408Petrol1.2115hp85kw2016-now
RENAULTGRAND SCÉNIC IV (R9_)H5F 408Petrol1.2130hp96kw2016-now
RENAULTKADJAR (HA_, HL_)H5F 408Petrol1.2130hp96kw2015-now
RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO (KW0/1_)H5F 400Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO (KW0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO (KW0/1_)H5F 412Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO II (KW0/1_)H5F 400Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO II (KW0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO / GRAND KANGOO II (KW0/1_)H5F 412Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO Express (FW0/1_)H5F 400Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO Express (FW0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTKANGOO Express (FW0/1_)H5F 412Petrol1.2115hp84kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE CC (EZ0/1_)H4J 700Petrol1.4131hp96kw2010-now
RENAULTMEGANE CC (EZ0/1_)H5F 404Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Coupe (DZ0/1_)H4J 700Petrol1.4131hp96kw2009-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Coupe (DZ0/1_)H5F 400Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Coupe (DZ0/1_)H5F 404Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Coupe (DZ0/1_)H5F 405Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Coupe (DZ0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Coupe (DZ0/1_)H5F 412Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Grandtour (KZ0/1)H4J 700Petrol1.4130hp96kw2009-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Grandtour (KZ0/1)H5F 400Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Grandtour (KZ0/1)H5F 404Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Grandtour (KZ0/1)H5F 405Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Grandtour (KZ0/1)H5F 408Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Grandtour (KZ0/1)H5F 412Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_)H4J 700Petrol1.4131hp96kw2009-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_)H5F 400Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_)H5F 404Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_)H5F 405Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_)H5F 412Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_)H4J 700Petrol1.4131hp96kw2009-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_)H5F 400Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_)H5F 404Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_)H5F 405Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_)H5F 408Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-2015
RENAULTMEGANE III Hatchback (BZ0/1_, B3_)H5F 412Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTMEGANE IV Grandtour (K9A/M/N_)H5F 408Petrol1.2100hp74kw2016-now
RENAULTMEGANE IV Grandtour (K9A/M/N_)H5F 408Petrol1.2130hp97kw2016-now
RENAULTMEGANE IV Hatchback (B9A/M/N_)H5F 408Petrol1.2100hp74kw2015-now
RENAULTMEGANE IV Hatchback (B9A/M/N_)H5F 408Petrol1.2130hp97kw2015-now
RENAULTMEGANE IV SaloonH5F 408Petrol1.2130hp97kw2016-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H4J 700Petrol1.4131hp96kw2009-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H5F 400Petrol1.2116hp85kw2012-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H5F 404Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2131hp96kw2014-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC III (JZ0/1_)H5F 408Petrol1.2132hp97kw2013-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC IV (J9_)H5F 408Petrol1.2115hp85kw2016-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC IV (J9_)H5F 408Petrol1.2130hp96kw2016-now
RENAULTTWINGO III (BCM_, BCA_)H4B 401Petrol0.9109hp80kw2016-now
RENAULTTWINGO III (BCM_, BCA_)H4B 401Petrol0.990hp66kw2014-now
RENAULTTWINGO III (BCM_, BCA_)H4B 451Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)0.990hp66kw2018-now
RENAULTTWINGO III (BCM_, BCA_)H4B 453Petrol0.992hp68kw2019-now
RENAULTTWINGO III (BCM_, BCA_)H4D 400Petrol1.069hp51kw2015-now
RENAULTTWINGO III (BCM_, BCA_)H4D 400Petrol1.071hp52kw2014-now
SMARTFORFOUR Hatchback (453)H4B 409Petrol0.990hp66kw2014-now
SMARTFORFOUR Hatchback (453)H4DA401Petrol1.071hp52kw2014-now
SMARTFORFOUR Hatchback (453)M 281.910Petrol0.9109hp80kw2016-now
SMARTFORFOUR Hatchback (453)M 281.910Petrol0.990hp66kw2014-now
SMARTFORFOUR Hatchback (453)M 281.920Petrol1.060hp45kw2014-now
SMARTFORFOUR Hatchback (453)M 281.920Petrol1.071hp52kw2014-now
SMARTFORTWO Convertible (453)M 281.910Petrol0.9109hp80kw2016-now
SMARTFORTWO Convertible (453)M 281.910Petrol0.990hp66kw2015-now
SMARTFORTWO Convertible (453)M 281.920Petrol1.071hp52kw2015-now
Timing Chain Kit MAGNETI MARELLI 341500001490 MAGNETI MARELLI Timing Chain Kit MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 341500001490 Number of chain links: 62 Number of chain links: 102 Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with gaskets/seals Supplementary Article/Info 2: with gear Chain Type: Simplex Chain Type: Open chain
no VAT req.
Available: 8 Available: 8 Handling time: About 7 business day(s) Handling Time: About 7 business day(s)
The item should be shipped within 7 business day(s) of receiving cleared payment.
Handling time: About 15 business day(s) Handling Time: About 15 business day(s)
The item should be shipped within 15 business day(s) of receiving cleared payment.
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Timing Chain Kit MAGNETI MARELLI 341500001520 MAGNETI MARELLI Timing Chain Kit MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 341500001520 Number of chain links: 168 Supplementary Article/Info 2: with gear Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with accessories Chain Type: Duplex Chain Type: Closed chain
no VAT req.
Available: 10 Handling time: About 15 business day(s) Handling Time: About 15 business day(s)
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no image MAGNETI MARELLI Filter, interior air MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 350208066880 Filter type: Particulate Filter Filter type: Filter Insert Width [mm]: 213 mm Length [mm]: 215 mm Height [mm]: 25 mm
no VAT req.
Available: 10+ Handling time: About 15 business day(s) Handling Time: About 15 business day(s)
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no image MAGNETI MARELLI Exterior Mirror MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 182201556400 Outer/Inner Mirror: Convex paired article number: 182201556300 Quality: O.E. (Original) Rated Power [W]: 16 W Outer/Inner Mirror: without temperature sensor Outer/Inner Mirror: Heatable Outer/Inner Mirror: Electronically foldable Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with holder Outer/Inner Mirror: Short mirror arm Operating Mode: Electric Light Function: with lane change warning light Light Function: with indicator Fitting Position: Right
no VAT req.
Available: 9 Handling time: About 15 business day(s) Handling Time: About 15 business day(s)
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