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Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area

Art-Nr: 5409100018

Supplier: MEYLE Premium
Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area MEYLE 5409100018
Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area MEYLE 5409100018 main

Product info

Length [mm]:
561 mm
Force output F [N]:
475 N
replacement in pairs recommended:
Gas Spring, Boot- / Cargo Area
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
FEBI BILSTEIN 47112 Mid range Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
MAGNETI MARELLI 430719134300 Mid range Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
METZGER 2110652 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
MEYLE 5409100018 Premium Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
OPTIMAL AG-40721 Unknown Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
OPTIMAL AG-51707 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
STABILUS 865670 Premium Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
SWAG 55 94 7112 Mid range Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
TRISCAN 8710 27224 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
VAICO V95-0410 Mid range Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
VOLVO 31395910 Original Gas Spring, Hardened Glass
VOLVO 31395911 Original Gas Spring, Laminated Glass
KILEN 468037
VOLVO 31217910
VOLVO 31297080
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4154 T4Petrol1.5152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4154 T5Petrol1.5122hp90kw2015-2017
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4164 T2Petrol/Ethanol1.6180hp132kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4164 T3Petrol1.6150hp110kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4164 TPetrol1.6180hp132kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T15Petrol2.0220hp162kw2014-2017
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T19Petrol2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T37Petrol2.0152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T41Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T43Petrol2.0367hp270kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T6Petrol2.0203hp149kw2010-2012
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T7Petrol2.0241hp177kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T9Petrol2.0306hp225kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5204 T8Petrol2.0180hp132kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5204 T9Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)2.0213hp157kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5204 T9Petrol2.0214hp157kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T3Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0305hp224kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T5Petrol3.0351hp258kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4162 TDiesel1.6114hp84kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5204 T7Diesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2010-2011
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T23Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D82PHEVDiesel/Electro2.4280hp206kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D87PHEVDiesel/Electro2.4230hp169kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D97PHEVDiesel/Electro2.4280hp206kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0253hp186kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)B 5254 T14Petrol2.5249hp183kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0200hp147kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4200hp147kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Estate Van (155)D 4162 TDiesel1.6114hp84kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I Estate Van (155)D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I Estate Van (155)D 5204 T7Diesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I Estate Van (155)D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I Estate Van (155)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60B 4154 T4Petrol1.5152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4154 T5Petrol1.5122hp90kw2015-2017
VOLVOV60B 4164 T2Petrol/Ethanol1.6180hp132kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60B 4164 T3Petrol1.6150hp110kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60B 4164 TPetrol1.6180hp132kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T15Petrol2.0220hp162kw2014-2017
VOLVOV60B 4204 T19Petrol2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T37Petrol2.0152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T41Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T43Petrol2.0367hp270kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T6Petrol2.0203hp149kw2010-2012
VOLVOV60B 4204 T7Petrol2.0241hp177kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60B 4204 T9Petrol2.0306hp225kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 5204 T8Petrol2.0180hp132kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60B 5204 T9Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)2.0213hp157kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60B 5204 T9Petrol2.0214hp157kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 6304 T3Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60B 6304 T4Petrol3.0305hp224kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60B 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60B 6304 T5Petrol3.0351hp258kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60D 4162 TDiesel1.6114hp84kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60D 5204 T7Diesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2010-2011
VOLVOV60D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T15Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 5244 T23Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015