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Interior Blower

Art-Nr: 3122370003

Supplier: MEYLE Premium
Interior Blower MEYLE 3122370003
Interior Blower MEYLE 3122370003 2
Interior Blower MEYLE 3122370003 3
Interior Blower MEYLE 3122370003 main

Product info

Number of pins:
2 -pin connector
Diameter [mm]:
147 mm
Left-/right-hand drive vehicles:
for left-hand drive vehicles
Rated Power [W]:
338 W
Voltage [V]:
12 V
Interior Blower
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
AVA QUALITY COOLING BW8539 Unknown Interior Blower
BMW 64 11 9 242 607 Original Blower motor
MAHLE AB 151 000P Premium Interior Blower
MAXGEAR AC730113 Budget Interior Blower
MEYLE 3122370003 Premium Interior Blower
NRF 34189 Mid range Interior Blower
TOPRAN 502 928 Budget Interior Blower
VEMO V20-03-1149 Mid range Suction Fan, cabin air
BBR Automotive 001-10-21637
BBR Automotive 001-10-29504
BMW 64 11 9 194 589
BMW 64 11 9 200 936
BMW 9 194 589
BMW 9 200 936
BMW 9 242 607
FRIGAIR 0599.1238
STELLOX 29-99822-SX
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
BMW5 (F10)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0205hp151kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0211hp155kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B16 APetrol1.6170hp125kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2010-2014
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2010-2014
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N52 B25 APetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N52 B25 AFPetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N52 B25 BPetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N52 B25 BFPetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10)N52 B30 AFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10)N53 B30 APetrol3.0204hp150kw2009-2011
BMW5 (F10)N53 B30 APetrol3.0211hp155kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N53 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2011-2013
BMW5 (F10)N55 B30 APetrol/Electric3.0340hp250kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N55 B30 APetrol3.0305hp224kw2009-2016
BMW5 (F10)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0245hp180kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0299hp220kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N57 D30 CDiesel3.0381hp280kw2012-2016
BMW5 (F10)N63 B44 APetrol4.4405hp298kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10)N63 B44 APetrol4.4405hp298kw2012-2013
BMW5 (F10)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4452hp332kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4560hp412kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4568hp418kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4575hp423kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4600hp441kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0205hp151kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0211hp155kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B16 APetrol1.6170hp125kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2010-2014
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2010-2014
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2013-2014
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N52 B25 APetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N52 B25 AFPetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N52 B25 BPetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N52 B25 BFPetrol2.5204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10, F18)N52 B30 AFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10, F18)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10, F18)N53 B30 APetrol3.0204hp150kw2009-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N53 B30 APetrol3.0211hp155kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N53 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2011-2013
BMW5 (F10, F18)N55 B30 APetrol/Electric3.0340hp250kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N55 B30 APetrol3.0305hp224kw2009-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0245hp180kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2010-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0299hp220kw2010-2011
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N57 D30 CDiesel3.0381hp280kw2012-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N63 B44 APetrol4.4405hp298kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10, F18)N63 B44 APetrol4.4405hp298kw2012-2013
BMW5 (F10, F18)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2010-2013
BMW5 (F10, F18)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4452hp332kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4560hp412kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4568hp418kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4575hp423kw2013-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4600hp441kw2014-2016
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2012-2013
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2011-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N55 B30 APetrol3.0305hp224kw2010-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2009-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2010-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0211hp155kw2010-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0245hp180kw2009-2012
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0245hp180kw2010-2012
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2012-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0299hp220kw2010-2012
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2012-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N63 B40 APetrol4.0408hp300kw2012-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2009-2012
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2010-2012
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N63 B44 APetrol4.4449hp330kw2012-2017
BMW5 Gran Turismo (F07)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2012-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2014-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0205hp151kw2014-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0211hp155kw2014-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2010-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2010-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2010-2014
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2014
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-2014
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2010-2014
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2013-2014
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2010-2014
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2013-2014
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2013-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2013-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N52 B25 APetrol2.5204hp150kw2009-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N52 B25 AFPetrol2.5204hp150kw2009-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N52 B25 BPetrol2.5204hp150kw2009-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 Touring (F11)N52 B30 AFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2010-2013
BMW5 Touring (F11)N53 B30 APetrol3.0204hp150kw2009-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N53 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2009-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2011-2013
BMW5 Touring (F11)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2010-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2013-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0204hp150kw2010-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0245hp180kw2010-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0299hp220kw2010-2011
BMW5 Touring (F11)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N57 D30 CDiesel3.0381hp280kw2012-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2010-2013
BMW5 Touring (F11)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2013-2017
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2011-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2013-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2011-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2012-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N63 B40 APetrol4.0408hp300kw2012-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N63 B44 APetrol4.4405hp298kw2011-2012
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N63 B44 APetrol4.4407hp300kw2011-2012
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2010-2012
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N63 B44 APetrol4.4449hp330kw2012-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2012-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4452hp332kw2012-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4560hp412kw2012-2018
BMW6 Convertible (F12)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4575hp423kw2013-2015
BMW6 Convertible (F12)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4600hp441kw2015-2018
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2011-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2013-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2011-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2012-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N63 B40 APetrol4.0408hp300kw2012-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N63 B44 APetrol4.4405hp298kw2011-2012
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2011-2012
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2011-2015
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2012-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4452hp332kw2012-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4560hp412kw2012-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4568hp418kw2012-2017
BMW6 Coupe (F13)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4575hp423kw2013-2015
BMW6 Coupe (F13)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4600hp441kw2015-2017
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2012-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2013-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2012-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2013-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)N63 B40 APetrol4.0408hp300kw2013-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2012-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4452hp332kw2013-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4560hp412kw2013-2018
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4575hp423kw2013-2015
BMW6 Gran Coupe (F06)S63 B44 BPetrol4.4600hp441kw2015-2018
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2009-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N52 B30 AFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2009-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2009-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N54 B30 APetrol3.0305hp224kw2010-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N54 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2008-2012
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N55 B30 APetrol/Electric3.0354hp260kw2012-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2012-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0211hp155kw2008-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0211hp155kw2011-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0245hp180kw2008-2012
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2011-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2012-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0306hp225kw2009-2012
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0306hp225kw2010-2012
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2012-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N57 D30 CDiesel3.0381hp280kw2012-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N63 B40 APetrol4.0408hp300kw2013-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N63 B44 APetrol/Electric4.4465hp342kw2010-2012
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2008-2012
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N63 B44 APetrol4.4408hp300kw2009-2012
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4405hp298kw2008-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4449hp330kw2012-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N63 B44 BPetrol4.4450hp331kw2012-2015
BMW7 (F01, F02, F03, F04)N74 B60 APetrol6.0544hp400kw2009-2015