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Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area

Art-Nr: 1409100116

Supplier: MEYLE Unknown
Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area MEYLE 1409100116
Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area MEYLE 1409100116 main

Product info

Length [mm]:
450 mm
Force output F [N]:
455 N
Gas Spring, Boot- / Cargo Area
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
FEBI BILSTEIN 31649 Mid range Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
MAGNETI MARELLI 430719091600 Unknown Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
METZGER 2110590 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
MEYLE 1409100116 Unknown Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
OPTIMAL AG-40927 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
OPTIMAL AG-50220 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
SEAT 6J3 827 550 Original Gas filled strut 2 doors
STABILUS 023895 Premium Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
TOPRAN 115 236 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
TRISCAN 8710 66206 Budget Gas Spring, boot-/cargo area
KILEN 456021
MAGNETI MARELLI 430719091605
SEAT 6J3 827 550 A
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
SEATIBIZA IV (6J5, 6P1)CEKAPetrol2.0115hp85kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV (6J5, 6P1)CWVAPetrol1.6110hp81kw2015-2017
SEATIBIZA IV Hatchback Van (6J1)CAYBDiesel1.690hp66kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV Hatchback Van (6J1)CFWADiesel1.275hp55kw2010-2015
SEATIBIZA IV Hatchback Van (6J1)CGPAPetrol1.269hp51kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)BLSDiesel1.9105hp77kw2008-2010
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)BMSDiesel1.480hp59kw2008-2010
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)BTSPetrol1.6105hp77kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)BXJDiesel1.990hp66kw2008-2010
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)BXWPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1.485hp63kw2008-2011
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)BXWPetrol1.485hp63kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)BZGPetrol1.270hp51kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CAVEPetrol1.4180hp132kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CAVFPetrol1.4150hp110kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CAYADiesel1.675hp55kw2010-2010
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CAYBDiesel1.690hp66kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CAYCDiesel1.6105hp77kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CBZAPetrol1.286hp63kw2012-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CBZBPetrol1.2105hp77kw2010-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CEKAPetrol2.0115hp85kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CFHDDiesel2.0143hp105kw2010-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CFWADiesel1.275hp55kw2010-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CGGBPetrol1.485hp63kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CGPAPetrol1.270hp51kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CGPBPetrol1.260hp44kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CHYBPetrol1.075hp55kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CHZBPetrol1.095hp70kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CHZCPetrol1.0110hp81kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CJZCPetrol1.290hp66kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CJZDPetrol1.2110hp81kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CNKAPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1.681hp60kw2011-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CNUBPetrol1.4150hp110kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CPTAPetrol1.4140hp103kw2013-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CTHEPetrol1.4180hp132kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CTHFPetrol1.4150hp110kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CTJBPetrol1.4150hp110kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CTJCPetrol1.4180hp132kw2009-2015
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CUSADiesel1.475hp55kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CUSBDiesel1.490hp66kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CUTADiesel1.4105hp77kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CWVAPetrol1.6110hp81kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CYZADiesel1.4105hp77kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)CZEAPetrol1.4150hp110kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA IV SC (6J1, 6P5)DAJAPetrol1.8192hp141kw2015-2016
SEATIBIZA V (6J5, 6P5)CEKAPetrol2.0115hp85kw2008-2015
SEATIBIZA V (6J5, 6P5)CWVAPetrol1.6110hp81kw2015-2017