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Charge Air Hose

Art-Nr: 961285

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Unknown

Product info

Fitting Position:
Charge Air Hose
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
AUTOMEGA 130109610 Unknown Hose, cylinder head cover breather
FEBI BILSTEIN 38945 Mid range Hose, crankcase ventilation
MAXGEAR 18-0752 Budget Hose, crankcase ventilation
METZGER 2380013 Budget Hose, crankcase ventilation
SWAG 40 93 8945 Mid range Hose, crankcase ventilation
VAICO V40-1782 Mid range Hose, cylinder head cover ventilation
AIC 54981
BSG BSG 65-700-515
BSG BSG 65-720-132
FARE SA 11353
HOFFER 961285
MEAT & DORIA 961285
MI.R.A. 16/8074
OPEL 055351522
OPEL 055578995
OPEL 05656121
OPEL 0656092
OPEL 55351522
OPEL 55578995
OPEL 5656121
OPEL 656092
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
OPELAGILA (A) (H00)Z 10 XEPetrol1.058hp43kw2000-2007
OPELAGILA (A) (H00)Z 10 XEPPetrol1.060hp44kw2003-2007
OPELAGILA (A) (H00)Z 12 XEPPetrol1.280hp59kw2004-2007
OPELASTRA G CLASSIC Caravan (F35)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2007-2009
OPELASTRA G Hatchback (T98)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2007-2009
OPELASTRA G Saloon (T98)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2007-2009
OPELASTRA H (A04)Z 12 XEPPetrol1.280hp59kw2005-2010
OPELASTRA H (A04)Z 14 XELPetrol1.475hp55kw2004-2004
OPELASTRA H (A04)Z 14 XEPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1.490hp66kw2009-2010
OPELASTRA H (A04)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2004-2010
OPELASTRA H Estate (A04)Z 14 XELPetrol1.475hp55kw2004-2010
OPELASTRA H Estate (A04)Z 14 XEPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1.490hp66kw2009-2010
OPELASTRA H Estate (A04)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2004-2010
OPELASTRA H GTC (A04)Z 14 XELPetrol1.475hp55kw2005-2010
OPELASTRA H GTC (A04)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2005-2010
OPELASTRA H Saloon (A04)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2007-2010
OPELCOMBO Box Body/MPVZ 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2005-now
OPELCOMBO TourZ 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2004-2011
OPELCORSA C (X01)Z 10 XEPetrol1.058hp43kw2000-2003
OPELCORSA C (X01)Z 10 XEPPetrol1.060hp44kw2003-2009
OPELCORSA C (X01)Z 12 XEPPetrol1.280hp59kw2004-2009
OPELCORSA C (X01)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2003-2009
OPELCORSA C Box (X01)Z 12 XEPPetrol1.280hp59kw2005-2006
OPELCORSA C Box (X01)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2003-2012
OPELCORSA C Hatchback Van (X01)Z 12 XEPPetrol1.280hp59kw2005-2006
OPELCORSA C Hatchback Van (X01)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2003-2012
OPELCORSA D (S07)A 10 XEPPetrol1.065hp48kw2009-2014
OPELCORSA D (S07)Z 10 XEPPetrol1.060hp44kw2006-2010
OPELCORSA D (S07)Z 12 XEPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1.280hp59kw2006-2014
OPELCORSA D (S07)Z 12 XEPPetrol1.280hp59kw2006-2014
OPELCORSA D (S07)Z 14 XEPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1.490hp66kw2006-2011
OPELCORSA D (S07)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2006-2014
OPELCORSA D Hatchback Van (S07)A 10 XEPPetrol1.065hp48kw2010-2014
OPELCORSA D Hatchback Van (S07)Z 12 XEPPetrol1.280hp59kw2006-2014
OPELMERIVA A MPV (X03)Z 14 XEPPetrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)1.490hp66kw2004-2010
OPELMERIVA A MPV (X03)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2004-2010
OPELTIGRA TwinTop (X04)Z 14 XEPPetrol1.490hp66kw2004-2010