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High Pressure Pump

Art-Nr: 78691R

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Unknown

Product info

Pump Number:
Regeneration mode:
Fuel Type:
for OE number:
High Pressure Pump
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
RENAULT 167005114R Original Part - 167005114R - Pump-Diesel High P
HOFFER 7508691R
OPEL 095517997
OPEL 95517997
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 408Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 408Diesel1.690hp66kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 413Diesel1.695hp70kw2015-2019
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 415Diesel1.6121hp89kw2019-2019
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 415Diesel1.695hp70kw2015-2019
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2014-2019
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2015-2019
OPELVIVARO B Bus (X82)R9M 452Diesel1.6145hp107kw2015-2019
OPELVIVARO B Platform/Chassis (X82)R9M 408Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Platform/Chassis (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Platform/Chassis (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2015-2019
OPELVIVARO B Platform/Chassis (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2015-2016
OPELVIVARO B Platform/Chassis (X82)R9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO B Platform/Chassis (X82)R9M 452Diesel1.6146hp107kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 408Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 408Diesel1.690hp66kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 413Diesel1.6121hp89kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 413Diesel1.695hp70kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 415Diesel1.6121hp89kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 415Diesel1.695hp70kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2014-2019
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO B Van (X82)R9M 452Diesel1.6146hp107kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO Platform/ChassisR9M 408Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO Platform/ChassisR9M 450Diesel1.6116hp85kw2014-2016
OPELVIVARO Platform/ChassisR9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2015-2019
OPELVIVARO Platform/ChassisR9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2015-2016
OPELVIVARO Platform/ChassisR9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2016-2019
OPELVIVARO Platform/ChassisR9M 452Diesel1.6146hp107kw2016-2019
RENAULTESPACE V (JR_)R9M 452Diesel1.6160hp118kw2015-now
RENAULTGRAND SCÉNIC IV (R9_)R9M 452Diesel1.6160hp118kw2016-now
RENAULTKOLEOS II (HC_)M9R 716Diesel2.0185hp135kw2020-now
RENAULTKOLEOS II (HC_)M9R 868Diesel2.0177hp130kw2016-now
RENAULTMEGANE IV Grandtour (K9A/M/N_)R9M 452Diesel1.6163hp120kw2016-now
RENAULTMEGANE IV Hatchback (B9A/M/N_)R9M 452Diesel1.6163hp120kw2015-now
RENAULTSCÉNIC IV (J9_)R9M 452Diesel1.6160hp118kw2016-now
RENAULTTALISMAN (LP_)R9M 452Diesel1.6160hp118kw2015-now
RENAULTTALISMAN (LP_)R9M 453Diesel1.6160hp118kw2015-now
RENAULTTALISMAN Grandtour (KP_)R9M 452Diesel1.6160hp118kw2016-now
RENAULTTALISMAN Grandtour (KP_)R9M 453Diesel1.6160hp118kw2016-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Bus (JG_)R9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Bus (JG_)R9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Bus (JG_)R9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2015-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Bus (JG_)R9M 452Diesel1.6145hp107kw2015-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/Chassis (EG_)R9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/Chassis (EG_)R9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/Chassis (EG_)R9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2015-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/Chassis (EG_)R9M 452Diesel1.6145hp107kw2015-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/ChassisR9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/ChassisR9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/ChassisR9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2015-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Platform/ChassisR9M 452Diesel1.6145hp107kw2015-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Van (FG_)R9M 450Diesel1.6120hp88kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Van (FG_)R9M 450Diesel1.6140hp103kw2014-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Van (FG_)R9M 452Diesel1.6125hp92kw2015-now
RENAULTTRAFIC III Van (FG_)R9M 452Diesel1.6145hp107kw2015-now