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Repair Kit, fuel pump

Art-Nr: 771150

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Repair Kit, fuel pump MEAT & DORIA 771150
Repair Kit, fuel pump MEAT & DORIA 771150 main

Product info

Mid range
Repair Kit, Fuel Pump
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
PEUGEOT 9801037380* Original Gauge With Pump
PEUGEOT 9801087680* Original Gauge With Pump
CITROËN 1674217580*
CITROËN 1674217780*
CITROËN 1674217980*
CITROËN 1674218080*
CITROËN 9801037380*
CITROËN 9801087680*
CITROËN 9809355680*
CITROËN 9839248580*
CITROËN 9842661080*
CITROËN 9845425180*
CITROËN 9845432080*
CITROËN 9845810980*
CITROËN 9845835380*
FISPA 73077
HOFFER 75071150
MEAT & DORIA 771150
PEUGEOT 1674217580*
PEUGEOT 1674217780*
PEUGEOT 1674217980*
PEUGEOT 1674218080*
PEUGEOT 9809355680*
PEUGEOT 9839248580*
PEUGEOT 9842661080*
PEUGEOT 9845425180*
PEUGEOT 9845432080*
PEUGEOT 9845810980*
PEUGEOT 9845835380*
SIDAT 73077
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
CITROËNC4 III (BA_, BB_, BC_)HNE (EB2ADTD)Petrol1.2102hp75kw2021-now
CITROËNC4 III (BA_, BB_, BC_)HNJ (EB2ADTXM)Petrol1.2155hp114kw2021-now
CITROËNC4 III (BA_, BB_, BC_)HNK (EB2ADTD)Petrol1.2102hp75kw2021-now
CITROËNC4 III (BA_, BB_, BC_)HNN (EB2ADTX)Petrol1.2155hp114kw2021-now
CITROËNC4 III (BA_, BB_, BC_)HNS (EB2ADTS)Petrol1.2130hp96kw2020-now
DSDS 3 CROSSBACK (UR_, UC_, UJ_)HNK (EB2ADTD)Petrol1.2101hp74kw2018-now
DSDS 3 CROSSBACK (UR_, UC_, UJ_)HNN (EB2ADTX)Petrol1.2156hp115kw2018-now
DSDS 3 CROSSBACK (UR_, UC_, UJ_)HNS (EB2ADTS)Petrol1.2131hp96kw2018-now
DSDS 7 Crossback (J4_, JR_, JC_)5GC (EP6FADTX)Petrol1.6225hp165kw2017-2021
DSDS 7 Crossback (J4_, JR_, JC_)5GF (EP6FADTXD)Petrol1.6180hp133kw2018-now
DSDS 7 Crossback (J4_, JR_, JC_)5GG (EP6FADTX)Petrol1.6225hp165kw2017-2021
DSDS 7 Crossback (J4_, JR_, JC_)HNS (EB2ADTS)Petrol1.2130hp96kw2018-2021
DSDS 7 Crossback (J_)5GC (EP6FADTX)Petrol1.6225hp165kw2017-2021
DSDS 7 Crossback (J_)5GF (EP6FADTXD)Petrol1.6180hp133kw2018-now
DSDS 7 Crossback (J_)5GG (EP6FADTX)Petrol1.6225hp165kw2017-2021
DSDS 7 Crossback (J_)HNS (EB2ADTS)Petrol1.2130hp96kw2018-2021
OPELMOKKAF 12 XHL (EB2ADTD)Petrol1.2101hp74kw2020-now
OPELMOKKAF 12 XHT (EB2ADTS)Petrol1.2131hp96kw2020-now
PEUGEOT208 II (UB_, UP_, UW_, UJ_)HMH (EB2FAD)Petrol1.275hp55kw2019-now
PEUGEOT208 II (UB_, UP_, UW_, UJ_)HMJ (EB2FAM)Petrol1.282hp60kw2019-now
PEUGEOT208 II (UB_, UP_, UW_, UJ_)HMR (EB2FA)Petrol1.282hp60kw2019-now
PEUGEOT208 II (UB_, UP_, UW_, UJ_)HNK (EB2ADT)Petrol1.2101hp74kw2019-now
PEUGEOT208 II (UB_, UP_, UW_, UJ_)HNS (EB2ADTS)Petrol1.2131hp96kw2019-now
PEUGEOT208 II (UB_, UP_, UW_, UJ_)HNY (EB2DTS)Petrol1.2131hp96kw2019-now