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Holder, control arm mounting

Art-Nr: 511052

Supplier: GSP Budget

Product info

Fitting Position:
Front Axle
Holder, Control Arm Mounting
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
GSP 511052 Budget Holder, control arm mounting
GSP GRM11052
TOYOTA 4865533010
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
LEXUSES (MCV_, VZV_)1MZ-FEPetrol3.0213hp157kw2001-2006
LEXUSES (MCV_, VZV_)3MZ-FEPetrol3.3228hp168kw2003-2006
LEXUSES (VCV10_, VZV21_)3VZ-FEPetrol3.0188hp138kw1991-1997
TOYOTACAMRY Estate (_V1_)3VZ-FEPetrol3.0185hp136kw1991-1996
TOYOTACAMRY Station Wagon (_XV1_, _CV1_, _V10)3VZ-FEPetrol3.0185hp136kw1991-1996