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Shock Absorber

Art-Nr: 2407G006F

Supplier: FEBEST Mid range
Shock Absorber FEBEST 2407G006F
Shock Absorber FEBEST 2407G006F main

Product info

Shock Absorber Mounting Type:
Top eye
Bottom eye
Shock Absorber Design:
Telescopic Shock Absorber
Weight [kg]:
1,65 kg
Shock Absorber Type:
Gas Pressure
Packaging width [cm]:
6,0 cm
Packaging length [cm]:
51,5 cm
Packaging height [cm]:
6,0 cm
Fitting Position:
Front Axle
Shock Absorber
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
FEBEST 2407G006F Mid range Shock Absorber
RENAULT 8200715101 Original Part - 8200715101 - Abs-Shock Frt
NISSAN 106946
NISSAN 56111-00QAA
NISSAN 8200024946
OPEL 4402986
OPEL 4417955
OPEL 4500686
OPEL 8200024946
OPEL 9110986
OPEL 9160540
OPEL 9160986
RENAULT 0004500240
RENAULT 4402986
RENAULT 4417955
RENAULT 4500240
RENAULT 8200024946
RENAULT 9160540
RENAULT 9160986
STELLOX 1214-0090-SX
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)F9Q 770Diesel1.980hp59kw2000-2001
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)F9Q 772Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)F9Q 774Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9U 720Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9U 724Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9U 750Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)S9W 700Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)ZD3 200Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)ZD3 202Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9U 720Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9U 724Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9U 750Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.599hp73kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)S9W 700Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)ZD3 200Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)ZD3 202Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)F9Q 770Diesel1.980hp59kw2000-2001
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)F9Q 772Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)F9Q 774Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9U 720Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9U 724Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1999-2000
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1999-2000
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)S9W 700Diesel2.8114hp84kw1999-2001
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1999-2001
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)ZD3 200Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)ZD3 202Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)F9Q 770Diesel1.980hp59kw2000-2001
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)F9Q 772Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)F9Q 774Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9U 720Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9U 724Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9U 750Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)S9W 700Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)ZD3 200Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)ZD3 202Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-now
RENAULTMASTER II Box (FD)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Box (FD)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Box (FD)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Bus (JD)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Bus (JD)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Bus (JD)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Platform/Chassis (ED/HD/UD)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Platform/Chassis (ED/HD/UD)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Platform/Chassis (ED/HD/UD)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Van (FD)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Van (FD)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2001
RENAULTMASTER II Van (FD)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9U 650Diesel2.5101hp74kw2006-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9U 720Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2006
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9U 724Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2006
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9U 750Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2006
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2006
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2002
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)S8U 772Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2002
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)ZD3 200Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Chassis/Cab (X70)ZD3 202Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)F9Q 774Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9U 650Diesel2.5101hp74kw2001-2009
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9U 720Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2009
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9U 724Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2009
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9U 750Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2009
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2009
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Combi (X70)ZD3 200Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)F9Q 774Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9U 650Diesel2.5101hp74kw2006-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9U 720Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9U 724Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9U 750Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)G9U 754Diesel2.5115hp84kw2001-2010
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)S8U 770Diesel2.580hp59kw1998-2000
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)S9W 702Diesel2.8114hp84kw1998-2001
VAUXHALLMOVANO Mk I (A) Van (X70)ZD3 202Diesel3.0136hp100kw2003-2010