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Air Spring Strut

Art-Nr: AT10272

AT Autoteile Germany
Supplier: AT Autoteile Germany Mid range
Air Spring Strut AT Autoteile Germany AT10272
Air Spring Strut AT Autoteile Germany AT10272 main

Product info

for vehicles with AMG suspension
Spring Type:
for pneumatic suspension vehicles
Fitting Position:
Front Axle Left
Braking / Drive Dynamics:
for vehicles without ADS
for vehicles with Airmatic DC
Mid range
Air Spring Strut
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
AT Autoteile Germany AT10272 Mid range Air Spring Strut
MERCEDES-BENZ 166 320 25 13 Original Air Suspension Strut
MERCEDES-BENZ 166 320 49 66 Original Air Suspension Strut
MERCEDES-BENZ A166 320 25 13
MERCEDES-BENZ A166 320 49 66
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
MERCEDES-BENZGL-CLASS (X166)M 157.982Petrol5.5558hp410kw2012-2015
MERCEDES-BENZGL-CLASS (X166)M 276.821Petrol3.0333hp245kw2013-2015
MERCEDES-BENZGL-CLASS (X166)M 278.928Petrol4.7435hp320kw2012-2015
MERCEDES-BENZGL-CLASS (X166)OM 642.826Diesel3.0258hp190kw2012-2015
MERCEDES-BENZGLS (X166)M 157.982Petrol5.5585hp430kw2015-2019
MERCEDES-BENZGLS (X166)M 276.821Petrol3.0333hp245kw2015-2019
MERCEDES-BENZGLS (X166)M 278.928Petrol4.7456hp335kw2015-2019
MERCEDES-BENZGLS (X166)OM 642.826Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2019