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Socket Adapter

Art-Nr: 300100320113

Supplier: WESTFALIA Unknown
Socket Adapter WESTFALIA 300100320113
Socket Adapter WESTFALIA 300100320113 main

Product info

Weight [kg]:
0,1 kg
Number of pins:
13 -pin connector
Trailer Hitch:
from 13-pin to 7-pin
Voltage [V]:
12 V
Socket Adapter
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
HONDA 08L91-EG6-600 Original Adaptor 13P-7P
SUZUKI 990E0-79J67-000 Original ADAPTER E-SATZ 7PIN/13PIN
VOLVO 8685525 Original Adapter, Fog Lights, Left, L.H., Short
WESTFALIA 300100320113 Unknown Socket Adapter
FORD 1697945
RENAULT TRUCKS 77 11 226 912
TOYOTA DEN51963000
TOYOTA PZ401-00560-13