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Art-Nr: 3298716

Supplier: VOLVO

Product info

Media, Communication And Navigation
Other Electrical Equipment
Item Number:
BrandModelEngine codeFuelDisplacementHPKWYear
VOLVO440 K (445)B 16 FPetrol1.683hp61kw1988-1996
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 EPPetrol1.7106hp78kw1988-1996
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 FPetrol1.795hp70kw1988-1989
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 FPPetrol1.7102hp75kw1989-1996
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 FTPetrol1.7122hp90kw1991-1996
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 KPetrol1.781hp60kw1988-1989
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 KDPetrol1.778hp58kw1988-1992
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 KPPetrol1.781hp60kw1988-1989
VOLVO440 K (445)B 18 KPPetrol1.787hp64kw1988-1996
VOLVO440 K (445)B 20 FPetrol2.0109hp80kw1993-1996
VOLVO440 K (445)B 20 FPetrol2.0110hp81kw1992-1995
VOLVO440 K (445)D 19 TDiesel1.990hp66kw1994-1996
VOLVO460 L (464)B 16 FPetrol1.683hp61kw1992-1996
VOLVO460 L (464)B 18 EPPetrol1.7102hp75kw1989-1992
VOLVO460 L (464)B 18 FTPetrol1.7120hp88kw1989-1996
VOLVO460 L (464)B 18 FTPetrol1.7122hp90kw1991-1996
VOLVO460 L (464)B 18 KDPetrol1.778hp58kw1989-1991
VOLVO460 L (464)B 18 KPPetrol1.787hp64kw1988-1996
VOLVO460 L (464)B 18 KPPetrol1.790hp66kw1990-1996
VOLVO460 L (464)B 20 FPetrol2.0109hp80kw1993-1996
VOLVO460 L (464)B 20 FPetrol2.0110hp81kw1992-1995
VOLVO460 L (464)D 19 TDiesel1.990hp66kw1994-1996
VOLVO480 E (482)B 18 EPetrol1.7106hp78kw1986-1989
VOLVO480 E (482)B 18 EPetrol1.7109hp80kw1986-1988
VOLVO480 E (482)B 18 EPPetrol1.7102hp75kw1989-1996
VOLVO480 E (482)B 18 FPetrol1.795hp70kw1987-1989
VOLVO480 E (482)B 18 FTPetrol1.7120hp88kw1987-1996
VOLVO480 E (482)B 18 FTPetrol1.7122hp90kw1991-1996
VOLVO480 E (482)B 20 FPetrol2.0110hp81kw1992-1995
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4164 S2Petrol1.6109hp80kw1999-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4164 SPetrol1.6105hp77kw1995-1999
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4184 S2Petrol1.8116hp85kw2001-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4184 S2Petrol1.8122hp90kw1999-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4184 S3Petrol1.8115hp85kw1995-1999
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4184 SPetrol1.8115hp85kw1995-1999
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4184 SJPetrol1.8122hp90kw2001-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4184 SMPetrol1.8125hp92kw1998-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4194 T2Petrol1.9200hp147kw1997-2000
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4194 TPetrol1.9200hp147kw1997-2000
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 S2Petrol2.0136hp100kw1995-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 SPetrol2.0136hp100kw1995-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 SPetrol2.0140hp103kw1995-1999
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 T2Petrol2.0165hp121kw2000-2001
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 T3Petrol2.0163hp120kw2001-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 T3Petrol2.0165hp121kw2000-2001
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 T4Petrol1.9173hp127kw2002-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 T5Petrol2.0200hp147kw2000-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)B 4204 TPetrol2.0160hp118kw1997-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)D 4192 T2Diesel1.995hp70kw1999-2000
VOLVOS40 I (644)D 4192 T3Diesel1.9115hp85kw2000-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)D 4192 T4Diesel1.9102hp75kw2000-2003
VOLVOS40 I (644)D 4192 TDiesel1.990hp66kw1995-1999
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4164 S2Petrol1.6109hp80kw1999-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4164 SPetrol1.6105hp77kw1995-1999
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4184 S2Petrol/Natural Gas (CNG)1.8116hp85kw2001-2003
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4184 S2Petrol1.8122hp90kw1999-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4184 S3Petrol1.8115hp85kw1995-1999
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4184 S9Petrol/Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)1.8120hp88kw1999-2003
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4184 SPetrol1.8115hp85kw1995-1999
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4184 SJPetrol1.8122hp90kw2001-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4184 SMPetrol1.8125hp92kw1998-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4194 T2Petrol1.9200hp147kw1997-2000
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4194 TPetrol1.9200hp147kw1997-2000
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 S2Petrol2.0136hp100kw1995-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 SPetrol2.0136hp100kw1995-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 SPetrol2.0140hp103kw1995-1999
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 T2Petrol2.0162hp119kw1999-2000
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 T2Petrol2.0165hp121kw1999-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 T3Petrol2.0163hp120kw2001-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 T4Petrol1.9173hp127kw2003-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 T5Petrol2.0200hp147kw2000-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 TPetrol2.0160hp118kw1997-2000
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)B 4204 TPetrol2.0162hp119kw1999-2000
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)D 4192 T2Diesel1.995hp70kw1999-2000
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)D 4192 T3Diesel1.9115hp85kw2000-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)D 4192 T4Diesel1.9102hp75kw2000-2004
VOLVOV40 Estate (645)D 4192 TDiesel1.990hp66kw1995-1999