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Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension

Art-Nr: 5160500051

Supplier: MEYLE Premium
Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension MEYLE 5160500051
Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension MEYLE 5160500051 main

Product info

paired article number:
516 050 0050
Cast Steel
Control/Trailing Arm Type:
Trailing Arm
Fitting Position:
Rear Axle Left
replacement in pairs recommended:
Control Arm / Trailing Arm, Wheel Suspension
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
FEBI BILSTEIN 184448 Mid range Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
FEBI BILSTEIN 184455 Mid range Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
MEYLE 5160500051 Premium Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
SWAG 33 10 9375 Mid range Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
SWAG 33 10 9379 Mid range Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
VOLVO 31406748 Original Querlenker
MOOG VV-TC-15623
SIDEM 67378
SKF VKDS 426009
SPIDAN 58669
VOLVO 30748375
VOLVO 31202763
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2016-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0253hp186kw2016-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)B 5254 T14Petrol2.5249hp183kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0200hp147kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II Cross Country (134)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4154 T4Petrol1.5152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4154 T5Petrol1.5122hp90kw2015-2017
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4164 T2Petrol/Ethanol1.6180hp132kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4164 T3Petrol1.6150hp110kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4164 TPetrol1.6180hp132kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T15Petrol2.0220hp162kw2014-2017
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T19Petrol2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T37Petrol2.0152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T41Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T43Petrol2.0367hp270kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T6Petrol2.0203hp149kw2010-2012
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T7Petrol2.0240hp176kw2012-2014
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T7Petrol2.0241hp177kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 4204 T9Petrol2.0306hp225kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5204 T8Petrol2.0180hp132kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5204 T9Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)2.0213hp157kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5204 T9Petrol2.0214hp157kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 5254 T5Petrol2.5253hp186kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T3Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0305hp224kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0305hp224kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)B 6304 T5Petrol3.0351hp258kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4162 TDiesel1.6114hp84kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5204 T7Diesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2010-2011
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 5244 T23Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D82PHEVDiesel/Electro2.4280hp206kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D87PHEVDiesel/Electro2.4230hp169kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D97PHEVDiesel/Electro2.4280hp206kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2016-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0253hp186kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)B 5254 T14Petrol2.5249hp183kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0200hp147kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4200hp147kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I Cross Country (157)D87PHEVDiesel/Electro2.4230hp169kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4154 T4Petrol1.5152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4154 T5Petrol1.5122hp90kw2015-2017
VOLVOV60B 4164 T2Petrol/Ethanol1.6180hp132kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60B 4164 T3Petrol1.6150hp110kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60B 4164 TPetrol1.6180hp132kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T15Petrol2.0220hp162kw2014-2017
VOLVOV60B 4204 T19Petrol2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T37Petrol2.0152hp112kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T41Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T43Petrol2.0367hp270kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 4204 T6Petrol2.0203hp149kw2010-2012
VOLVOV60B 4204 T7Petrol2.0240hp176kw2012-2014
VOLVOV60B 4204 T7Petrol2.0241hp177kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60B 4204 T9Petrol2.0306hp225kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 5204 T8Petrol2.0180hp132kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60B 5204 T9Petrol/Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)2.0213hp157kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60B 5204 T9Petrol2.0214hp157kw2013-2018
VOLVOV60B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60B 5254 T5Petrol2.5253hp186kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60B 6304 T3Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60B 6304 T4Petrol3.0305hp224kw2010-2015
VOLVOV60B 6304 T4Petrol3.0305hp224kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60B 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60B 6304 T5Petrol3.0351hp258kw2014-2018
VOLVOV60D 4162 TDiesel1.6114hp84kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOV60D 5204 T7Diesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2010-2011
VOLVOV60D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T15Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2012-2015
VOLVOV60D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 5244 T23Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 4204 T41Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 4204 T6Petrol2.0203hp149kw2009-2012
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 4204 T7Petrol2.0241hp177kw2010-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 4204 T9Petrol2.0306hp225kw2013-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5249hp183kw2014-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2014-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6304 T2Petrol3.0286hp210kw2008-2010
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6304 T3Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0304hp224kw2010-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0304hp224kw2014-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6324 S2Petrol3.2228hp168kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2011-2014
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6324 S5Petrol3.2243hp179kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6324 S5Petrol3.2243hp179kw2011-2014
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6324 SPetrol3.2228hp168kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 (156)B 6324 SPetrol3.2238hp175kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5204 T7Diesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2009-2011
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T14Diesel2.4175hp129kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T16Diesel2.4163hp120kw2008-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2008-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T20Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T22Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T23Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T4Diesel2.4185hp136kw2008-2009
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 5244 T5Diesel2.4163hp120kw2008-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 4204 T41Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 4204 T6Petrol2.0203hp149kw2009-2012
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 4204 T7Petrol2.0241hp177kw2010-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 4204 T9Petrol2.0306hp225kw2013-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5249hp183kw2014-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2014-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6304 T2Petrol3.0286hp210kw2008-2010
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6304 T3Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0304hp224kw2010-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0304hp224kw2014-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2014-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6324 S2Petrol3.2228hp168kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2011-2014
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6324 S5Petrol3.2243hp179kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6324 S5Petrol3.2243hp179kw2011-2014
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6324 SPetrol3.2228hp168kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)B 6324 SPetrol3.2238hp175kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2014
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5204 T7Diesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2009-2011
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T14Diesel2.4175hp129kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T16Diesel2.4163hp120kw2008-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2008-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T20Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T21Diesel2.4190hp140kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T22Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T23Diesel2.4230hp169kw2014-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T4Diesel2.4185hp136kw2008-2009
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 5244 T5Diesel2.4163hp120kw2008-2017
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 5254 T14Petrol2.5249hp183kw2015-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6304 T2Petrol3.0286hp210kw2008-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0304hp224kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6324 S2Petrol3.2228hp168kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2010-2012
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6324 S5Petrol3.2243hp179kw2010-2014
VOLVOXC70 II (136)B 6324 SPetrol3.2238hp175kw2007-2011
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2009-2011
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T14Diesel2.4175hp129kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4230hp169kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T16Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T20Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2016
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T4Diesel2.4185hp136kw2007-2009
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 5244 T5Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2016
VOLVOXC70 II VAN (136)D 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 II VAN (136)D 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 II VAN (136)D 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 IIB 4204 T11Petrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 IIB 5254 T12Petrol2.5254hp187kw2015-2016
VOLVOXC70 IIB 5254 T14Petrol2.5249hp183kw2015-2016
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6304 T2Petrol3.0286hp210kw2008-2016
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6304 T4Petrol3.0304hp224kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6304 T4Petrol3.0329hp242kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6324 S2Petrol3.2228hp168kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2010-2012
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6324 S4Petrol3.2233hp171kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6324 S5Petrol3.2243hp179kw2010-2014
VOLVOXC70 IIB 6324 SPetrol3.2238hp175kw2007-2011
VOLVOXC70 IID 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 IID 5204 T2Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 IID 5204 T3Diesel2.0163hp120kw2010-2015
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T10Diesel2.4205hp151kw2009-2011
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T11Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T12Diesel2.4181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T14Diesel2.4175hp129kw2009-2010
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T15Diesel2.4215hp158kw2011-2015
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T15Diesel2.4230hp169kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T16Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2016
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T17Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2016
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T20Diesel2.4220hp162kw2015-2016
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T4Diesel2.4185hp136kw2007-2009
VOLVOXC70 IID 5244 T5Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2016