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Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension

Art-Nr: 58110409

Supplier: METZGER Budget

Product info

Sheet Steel
Fitting Position:
3 years warranty or until 75,000km
Control/Trailing Arm Type:
Control Arm
Fitting Position:
Rear Axle
Supplementary Article/Info 2:
with rubber mount
Control Arm / Trailing Arm, Wheel Suspension
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
BMW 33 32 6 792 541 Original Roll-over strut with rubber mount
BMW 33 32 6 867 540 Original Roll-over strut with rubber mount
DELPHI TC3605 Mid range Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
METZGER 58110409 Budget Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
SKF VKDS 428548 Premium Control Arm/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
TRISCAN 8500 115040 Budget Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
VAICO V20-2814 Mid range Control/Trailing Arm, wheel suspension
A.B.S. 211854
APlus 24589AP
AYD 9713478
AYD OE - Excellence 97-13478
BSG BSG 15-315-174
KAWE 8500 115040
LEMFÖRDER 42254 01
MOOG BM-TC-14992
MOTRIO 8550501088
RIDEX 273C1525
Stark SKCA-0051526
TALOSA 46-04240
VEMA 27377
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
BMW1 (F20)B37 D15 ADiesel1.5116hp85kw2015-2019
BMW1 (F20)B37 D15 ADiesel1.595hp70kw2015-2019
BMW1 (F20)B38 B15 APetrol1.5109hp80kw2015-2019
BMW1 (F20)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-2019
BMW1 (F20)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2011-2019
BMW1 (F20)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
BMW1 (F20)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2011-2019
BMW1 (F20)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2019
BMW1 (F20)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0211hp155kw2012-2019
BMW1 (F20)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2019
BMW1 (F20)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2016-2019
BMW1 (F20)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0224hp165kw2016-2019
BMW1 (F20)B58 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2016-2019
BMW1 (F20)N13 B16 APetrol1.6102hp75kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F20)N13 B16 APetrol1.6136hp100kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F20)N13 B16 APetrol1.6136hp100kw2015-2015
BMW1 (F20)N13 B16 APetrol1.6170hp125kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F20)N13 B16 APetrol1.6177hp130kw2015-2016
BMW1 (F20)N20 B20 APetrol2.0218hp160kw2012-2017
BMW1 (F20)N20 B20 APetrol2.0238hp175kw2012-2017
BMW1 (F20)N47 D16 ADiesel1.6116hp85kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D16 ADiesel1.695hp70kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0116hp85kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2011-2019
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2011-2019
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2012-2019
BMW1 (F20)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F20)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F20)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2015-2016
BMW1 (F21)B37 D15 ADiesel1.5116hp85kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B37 D15 ADiesel1.595hp70kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B38 B15 APetrol1.5109hp80kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2016-now
BMW1 (F21)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0224hp165kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)B58 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)N13 B16 APetrol1.6102hp75kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F21)N13 B16 APetrol1.6136hp100kw2011-now
BMW1 (F21)N13 B16 APetrol1.6136hp100kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)N13 B16 APetrol1.6170hp125kw2012-now
BMW1 (F21)N13 B16 APetrol1.6177hp130kw2015-now
BMW1 (F21)N20 B20 APetrol2.0218hp160kw2011-2019
BMW1 (F21)N20 B20 APetrol2.0238hp175kw2013-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D16 ADiesel1.6116hp85kw2011-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D16 ADiesel1.695hp70kw2012-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0116hp85kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2011-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2012-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2012-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2012-2015
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2012-now
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2011-2015
BMW1 (F21)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2011-now
BMW1 (F21)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2011-now
BMW1 (F21)N55 B30 APetrol3.0320hp235kw2012-now
BMW1 (F21)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2015-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2015-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2014-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2015-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2015-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B58 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2015-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2014-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2014-2021
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)B58 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2014-2021
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2014-2015
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2012-2014
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2012-2014
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2013-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N55 B30 APetrol3.0370hp272kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0116hp85kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2011-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2016-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B48 B20 APetrol/Electric2.0252hp185kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B48 B20 APetrol2.0252hp185kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B58 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)B58 B30 APetrol3.0360hp265kw2015-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N13 B16 APetrol1.6136hp100kw2012-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N13 B16 APetrol1.6170hp125kw2012-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2012-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 CPetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 DPetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2012-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0116hp85kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2012-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2011-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2012-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2011-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2012-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2013-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2013-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N55 B30 APetrol/Electric3.0340hp250kw2012-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2011-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2012-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2011-2013
BMW3 (F30, F80)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2012-2013
BMW3 (F30, F80)N55 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2013-2015
BMW3 (F30, F80)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2013-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2013-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2013-2018
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2016-2018
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B48 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2016-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2016-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B58 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2016-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B58 B30 APetrol3.0360hp265kw2016-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2013-2014
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N55 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2014-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2014-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2014-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2014-now
BMW3 Touring (F31)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0116hp85kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2016-2018
BMW3 Touring (F31)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B48 B20 APetrol2.0252hp185kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B58 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B58 B30 APetrol3.0360hp265kw2015-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N13 B16 APetrol1.6136hp100kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2012-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2012-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2012-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0116hp85kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2012-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2012-2016
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2012-2016
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2013-2016
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2013-2016
BMW3 Touring (F31)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N55 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2013-2013
BMW3 Touring (F31)N55 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2013-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2013-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2013-2019
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2016-2018
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B48 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2016-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2016-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B58 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2016-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)B58 B30 APetrol3.0360hp265kw2016-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2013-2015
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2013-2015
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2013-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N55 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2013-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N55 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2014-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2014-now
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2014-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2016-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2015-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2016-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B48 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2016-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2016-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B58 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2016-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)B58 B30 APetrol3.0360hp265kw2016-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2013-2015
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2013-2015
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0211hp155kw2014-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N47 D20 DDiesel2.0218hp160kw2014-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N55 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2013-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2014-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2013-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2014-now
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2013-2020
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B38 B15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B46 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2014-2020
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2020
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2014-2020
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0211hp155kw2016-2018
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B47 D20 BDiesel2.0224hp165kw2016-2018
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B48 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2016-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B48 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2016-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B48 B20 BPetrol2.0252hp185kw2016-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B58 B30 APetrol3.0326hp240kw2016-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)B58 B30 APetrol3.0360hp265kw2016-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2014-2017
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2017
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2014-2020
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0143hp105kw2014-2015
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2014-2020
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0184hp135kw2014-2015
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0200hp147kw2014-2015
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N55 B30 APetrol3.0306hp225kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N55 B30 APetrol3.0340hp250kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0258hp190kw2014-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N57 D30 ADiesel3.0286hp210kw2014-now
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N57 D30 BDiesel3.0313hp230kw2014-now