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Control Valve, fuel quantity (common rail system)

Art-Nr: 98561

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Control Valve, fuel quantity (common rail system) MEAT & DORIA 98561
Control Valve, fuel quantity (common rail system) MEAT & DORIA 98561 main

Product info

for OE number:
A 642 074 03 84
1 465 ZS0 104
Fitting Position:
High Pressure Pump (low pressure side)
Mid range
Control Valve, Fuel Quantity (Common Rail System)
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
BOSCH 1 465 ZS0 104 Premium Control Valve, fuel quantity (common rail system)
MERCEDES-BENZ 642 074 03 84 Original Flow Regulation Valve, To A 642 070 08 01; 10 01;…
BOSCH 0 445 010 210*
BOSCH 0 445 010 244*
BOSCH 0 445 010 245*
BOSCH 0 445 010 359*
BOSCH 0 445 010 361*
BOSCH 0 445 010 362*
BOSCH 0 928 400 762
BOSCH 0 986 437 340*
BOSCH 0 986 437 373*
FISPA 81.862
HOFFER 80298561
MEAT & DORIA 98561
MERCEDES-BENZ A 642 074 03 84
SIDAT 81.862
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS (W204)OM 642.834Diesel3.0265hp195kw2011-2014
MERCEDES-BENZC-CLASS T-Model (S204)OM 642.834Diesel3.0265hp195kw2011-2014
MERCEDES-BENZCLS (C218)OM 642.852Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2017
MERCEDES-BENZCLS (C218)OM 642.853Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2017
MERCEDES-BENZCLS (C218)OM 642.854Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2017
MERCEDES-BENZCLS (C218)OM 642.858Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2017
MERCEDES-BENZCLS Shooting Brake (X218)OM 642.852Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2017
MERCEDES-BENZCLS Shooting Brake (X218)OM 642.852Diesel3.0265hp195kw2012-2014
MERCEDES-BENZCLS Shooting Brake (X218)OM 642.853Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2017
MERCEDES-BENZCLS Shooting Brake (X218)OM 642.853Diesel3.0265hp195kw2012-2014
MERCEDES-BENZCLS Shooting Brake (X218)OM 642.854Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2017
MERCEDES-BENZCLS Shooting Brake (X218)OM 642.854Diesel3.0265hp195kw2012-2014
MERCEDES-BENZCLS Shooting Brake (X218)OM 642.858Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2017
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W212)OM 642.850Diesel3.0231hp170kw2011-2015
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W212)OM 642.852Diesel3.0231hp170kw2011-2015
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W212)OM 642.852Diesel3.0252hp185kw2013-2015
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W212)OM 642.852Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2015
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W212)OM 642.858Diesel3.0252hp185kw2013-2015
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W212)OM 642.858Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2015
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS (W212)OM 642.858Diesel3.0265hp195kw2011-2015
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.850Diesel3.0231hp170kw2009-2016
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.852Diesel3.0231hp170kw2009-2016
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.852Diesel3.0252hp185kw2012-2016
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.852Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2016
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.852Diesel3.0265hp195kw2011-2013
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.858Diesel3.0252hp185kw2012-2016
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.858Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2016
MERCEDES-BENZE-CLASS T-Model (S212)OM 642.858Diesel3.0265hp195kw2011-2013
MERCEDES-BENZGL-CLASS (X166)OM 642.826Diesel3.0258hp190kw2012-2015
MERCEDES-BENZGLE (W166)OM 642.826Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2018
MERCEDES-BENZGLE Coupe (C292)OM 642.824Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2019
MERCEDES-BENZGLE Coupe (C292)OM 642.826Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2019
MERCEDES-BENZGLK-CLASS (X204)OM 642.835Diesel3.0265hp195kw2012-2015
MERCEDES-BENZGLS (X166)OM 642.826Diesel3.0258hp190kw2015-2019
MERCEDES-BENZM-CLASS (W166)OM 642.826Diesel3.0258hp190kw2011-2015
MERCEDES-BENZM-CLASS (W166)OM 642.864Diesel3.0258hp190kw2011-2015
MERCEDES-BENZS-CLASS (W222, V222, X222)OM 642.861Diesel3.0258hp190kw2013-2017
MERCEDES-BENZS-CLASS (W222, V222, X222)OM 642.861Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2017
MERCEDES-BENZS-CLASS (W222, V222, X222)OM 642.867Diesel3.0252hp185kw2014-2017
MERCEDES-BENZS-CLASS (W222, V222, X222)OM 642.867Diesel3.0258hp190kw2014-2017
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 3,5-t Platform/Chassis (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 3,5-t Platform/Chassis (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2019-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 3,5-t Tourer Bus (B907)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 3,5-t Tourer Bus (B907)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2019-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 3,5-t Van (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 3,5-t Van (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2019-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2019-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 4-t Tourer Bus (B907)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 4-t Van (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 4-t Van (B907, B910)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2019-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 5-t Platform/Chassis (B907)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 5-t Platform/Chassis (B907)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2019-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 5-t Van (B907)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2018-now
MERCEDES-BENZSPRINTER 5-t Van (B907)OM 642.899Diesel3.0190hp140kw2019-now
MERCEDES-BENZX-CLASS (470)OM 642.889Diesel3.0258hp190kw2018-2020