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Radiator Hose

Art-Nr: 97338

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Radiator Hose MEAT & DORIA 97338
Radiator Hose MEAT & DORIA 97338 main

Product info

Cooling Hose:
from thermostat to radiator
Mid range
Radiator Hose
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
BMW 11537603514 Original Water hose
FEBI BILSTEIN 103043 Mid range Radiator Hose
GATES 02-1788 Mid range Heater hose
METZGER 2420572 Budget Radiator Hose
SWAG 20 10 3043 Mid range Radiator Hose
VAICO V20-2893 Mid range Radiator Hose
BBR Automotive 001-10-24270
CAUTEX 753272
FARE SA 16674
FREY 824517601
GK 707092
GOOM RH-1096
HOFFER 8197338
MEAT & DORIA 97338
Metalcaucho 02623
OSSCA 24532
PREXAparts P226411
STC T402623
Wti Automotive T191395
ÜRO Parts 11537603514PRM
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
BMW1 (F20)N20 B20 APetrol2.0218hp160kw2012-2017
BMW1 (F20)N20 B20 APetrol2.0238hp175kw2012-2017
BMW1 (F21)N20 B20 APetrol2.0218hp160kw2011-2019
BMW1 (F21)N20 B20 APetrol2.0238hp175kw2013-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-now
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2012-2016
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N20 B20 DPetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2012-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2016
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2012-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2015
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2017
BMW4 Convertible (F33, F83)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2013-2017
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2013-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2016
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2017
BMW4 Gran Coupe (F36)N26 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0163hp120kw2011-2016
BMW5 (F10, F18)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2010-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2017
BMW5 Touring (F11)N20 B20 BPetrol2.0184hp135kw2010-2017
BMWX1 (E84)N20 B16 APetrol1.6143hp105kw2013-2015
BMWX1 (E84)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2015
BMWX1 (E84)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2015
BMWX3 (F25)N20 B16 APetrol1.6170hp125kw2014-2017
BMWX3 (F25)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2017
BMWX3 (F25)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2017
BMWX3 (F25)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2012-2017
BMWX4 (F26)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2014-2018
BMWX4 (F26)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2014-2018
BMWX5 (F15, F85)N20 B20 APetrol/Electric2.0313hp230kw2015-2018
BMWZ4 Roadster (E89)N20 B20 APetrol2.0156hp115kw2013-2016
BMWZ4 Roadster (E89)N20 B20 APetrol2.0184hp135kw2011-2016
BMWZ4 Roadster (E89)N20 B20 APetrol2.0245hp180kw2011-2016