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Accelerator Pedal Kit

Art-Nr: 83649

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Unknown
Accelerator Pedal Kit MEAT & DORIA 83649
Accelerator Pedal Kit MEAT & DORIA 83649 main

Product info

for OE number:
82 00 289 176
Transmission Type:
Vehicle Equipment:
for vehicles with automatic transmission
Left-/right-hand drive vehicles:
for left-hand drive vehicles
Number of mounting bores:
Connector Shape:
Number of pins:
6 -pin connector
Accelerator Pedal Kit
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
RENAULT 82 00 289 176 Original Part - 8200289176 - Accelaration Sens
HOFFER 7513649
MEAT & DORIA 83649
OPEL 04415960
OPEL 093 851 978
OPEL 4415960
OPEL 93 851 978
RENAULT TRUCKS 82 00 289 176
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2006-2010
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2010
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 784Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 788Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2006-2010
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2010
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 784Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 788Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9MB6Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2006-2010
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2010
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 784Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 788Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2007-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2008-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2007-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2007-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now