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Lambda Sensor

Art-Nr: 811119

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range

Product info

Number of pins:
4 -pin connector
Cable Length [mm]:
280 mm
Lambda Sensor:
Diagnostic Probe
Lambda Sensor
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
DENSO DOX-0536 Premium Lambda Sensor
VOLVO 31319386 Original Heated Oxygen Sensor, Rear
VOLVO 31338682 Original Lambda-Sonde
VOLVO 31480394 Original Lambda-Sonde
VOLVO 31480398 Original Lambda-Sonde
FAE 75630
HOFFER 74811119
MEAT & DORIA 811119
SIDAT 90715
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
VOLVOS60 II (134)D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II (134)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II (134)D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II (134)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II (134)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOS60 II (134)D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOS60 II (134)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOS80 II (124)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOS90 II (234)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2016-now
VOLVOS90 II (234)D 4204 T16Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-2018
VOLVOS90 II (234)D 4204 T23Diesel2.0235hp173kw2016-now
VOLVOS90 II (234)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-2018
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525)D 4204 T13Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2014-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525)D 4204 T16Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525)D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525, 526)D 4204 T13Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525, 526)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2014-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525, 526)D 4204 T16Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525, 526)D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 Hatchback (525, 526)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 HatchbackD 4204 T13Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 HatchbackD 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2014-2019
VOLVOV40 HatchbackD 4204 T16Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 HatchbackD 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2019
VOLVOV40 HatchbackD 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2019
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60 I (155)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOV60D 4204 T8Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2018
VOLVOV60D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2018
VOLVOV70 III (135)D 4204 T20Diesel2.0120hp88kw2015-2016
VOLVOV70 III (135)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOV70 III (135)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2016
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2016-now
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235)D 4204 T16Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-2018
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235)D 4204 T23Diesel2.0235hp173kw2016-now
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-now
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-2018
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235, 236)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2016-now
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235, 236)D 4204 T16Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-2018
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235, 236)D 4204 T23Diesel2.0235hp173kw2016-now
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235, 236)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-now
VOLVOV90 II Estate (235, 236)D 4204 T9Diesel2.0150hp110kw2016-2018
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 (156)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 4204 T4Diesel2.0150hp110kw2015-2017
VOLVOXC60 I SUV (156)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2015
VOLVOXC60 II (246)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2017-now
VOLVOXC60 II (246)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0200hp147kw2019-now
VOLVOXC60 II (246)D 4204 T23Diesel2.0235hp173kw2017-now
VOLVOXC70 II (136)D 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC70 IID 4204 T5Diesel2.0181hp133kw2013-2016
VOLVOXC90 II (256)D 4204 T11Diesel2.0224hp165kw2014-2016
VOLVOXC90 II (256)D 4204 T14Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018
VOLVOXC90 II (256)D 4204 T23Diesel2.0235hp173kw2016-2019
VOLVOXC90 II (256)D 4204 T6Diesel2.0190hp140kw2015-2018