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Injector Nozzle

Art-Nr: 74052

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Injector Nozzle MEAT & DORIA 74052
Injector Nozzle MEAT & DORIA 74052 main

Product info

Fuel Type:
for OE number:
Injector Nozzle
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
BOSCH 0 445 110 063 Premium Injector Nozzle
BOSCH 0 986 435 075 Premium Injector Nozzle
RENAULT 77 01 474 032 Original Part - 7701474032 - Injector M2
CEVAM 810095
MEAT & DORIA 74052
METZGER 0870014
OPEL 04402535
OPEL 04506147
OPEL 09110535
OPEL 4402535
OPEL 4506147
OPEL 9110535
RENAULT 82 00 010 075
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Bus (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Platform/Chassis (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO A Van (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
OPELMOVANO Combi (X70)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTAVANTIME (DE0_)G9T 712Diesel2.2150hp110kw2002-2003
RENAULTMASTER II Box (FD)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Box (FD)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Box (FD)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Bus (JD)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Bus (JD)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Bus (JD)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Platform/Chassis (ED/HD/UD)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Platform/Chassis (ED/HD/UD)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Platform/Chassis (ED/HD/UD)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Van (FD)G9T 720Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Van (FD)G9T 722Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now
RENAULTMASTER II Van (FD)G9T 750Diesel2.290hp66kw2000-now