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Sensor, engine oil level

Art-Nr: 72291

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Sensor, engine oil level MEAT & DORIA 72291
Sensor, engine oil level MEAT & DORIA 72291 main

Product info

for OE number:
12 61 8 638 754
Socket colour:
Connector Shape:
Number of pins:
3 -pin connector
Sensor, Engine Oil Level
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
BMW 12 61 8 638 754 Original Oil levelling sensor
HELLA 6PR 010 497-721 Premium Sensor, engine oil level
VEMO V20-72-0190 Mid range Sensor, engine oil level
BMW 8 638 754
FISPA 82.2485
HOFFER 7532291
MEAT & DORIA 72291
MINI 12618638754
SIDAT 82.2485
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
BMW1 (F40)B38 A15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2020-now
BMW1 (F40)B38 A15 APetrol1.5140hp103kw2019-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B38 A15 APetrol/Electric1.5220hp162kw2020-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B38 A15 APetrol/Electric1.5224hp165kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B38 A15 APetrol1.5140hp103kw2018-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2013-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2013-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B48 A20 APetrol2.0192hp141kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B48 A20 BPetrol2.0231hp170kw2013-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B48 A20 BPetrol2.0231hp170kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)B48 A20 FPetrol2.0192hp141kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)IA1Petrol/Electric1.5220hp162kw2020-now
BMW2 Active Tourer (F45)IA1Petrol/Electric1.5224hp165kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer Van (F45)B38 A15 APetrol1.5140hp103kw2018-now
BMW2 Active Tourer Van (F45)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Active Tourer Van (F45)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Convertible (F23)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMW2 Coupe (F22, F87)N55 B30 APetrol3.0370hp272kw2015-2018
BMW2 Gran Coupe (F44)B38 A15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2020-now
BMW2 Gran Coupe (F44)B38 A15 APetrol1.5140hp103kw2019-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B37 C15 ADiesel1.595hp70kw2015-2018
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B38 A15 APetrol1.5102hp75kw2014-2018
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B38 A15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B38 A15 APetrol1.5140hp103kw2017-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2014-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0136hp100kw2014-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0136hp100kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer (F46)B48 A20 APetrol2.0192hp141kw2015-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer Van (F46)B38 A15 APetrol1.5140hp103kw2018-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer Van (F46)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW2 Gran Tourer Van (F46)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2014-now
BMW3 (F30, F80)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)S55 B30 APetrol3.0450hp331kw2016-2018
BMW3 (F30, F80)S55 B30 APetrol3.0460hp338kw2018-2018
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2013-2015
BMW3 Gran Turismo (F34)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2013-2015
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0116hp85kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)B47 D20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0116hp85kw2012-2019
BMW3 Touring (F31)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0136hp100kw2012-2019
BMW4 Coupe (F32, F82)S55 B30 APetrol3.0450hp331kw2016-now
BMW5 (G30, F90)N63 B44 CPetrol4.4462hp340kw2017-2019
BMW5 (G30, F90)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2019-now
BMW7 (G11, G12)N63 B44 CPetrol4.4449hp330kw2015-2019
BMW7 (G11, G12)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2019-now
BMW8 Convertible (G14, F91)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2018-now
BMW8 Coupe (G15, F92)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2018-now
BMW8 Gran Coupe (G16, F93)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2019-now
BMWX1 (F48)B37 C15 ADiesel1.5116hp85kw2014-now
BMWX1 (F48)B38 A15 APetrol/Electric1.5220hp162kw2020-now
BMWX1 (F48)B42 S20 APetrol2.0192hp141kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B42 S20 APetrol2.0231hp170kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B46 A20 BPetrol2.0231hp170kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0163hp120kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B48 A20 APetrol2.0192hp141kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B48 A20 BPetrol2.0192hp141kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B48 A20 BPetrol2.0231hp170kw2015-now
BMWX1 (F48)B48 A20 FPetrol2.0192hp141kw2015-now
BMWX1 Van (F48)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMWX1 Van (F48)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
BMWX2 (F39)B32 S15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B38 A15 APetrol/Electric1.5220hp162kw2020-now
BMWX2 (F39)B38 A15 APetrol1.5136hp100kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B38 A15 APetrol1.5140hp103kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B42 S20 APetrol2.0192hp141kw2017-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0136hp100kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0163hp120kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2017-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0136hp100kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0163hp120kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2017-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2018-now
BMWX2 (F39)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0231hp170kw2017-now
BMWX2 (F39)B48 A20 APetrol2.0192hp141kw2017-now
BMWX5 (G05)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4462hp340kw2018-now
BMWX5 (G05)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2019-now
BMWX5 (G05, F95)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4462hp340kw2018-now
BMWX5 (G05, F95)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2019-now
BMWX6 (G06, F96)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2019-now
BMWX7 (G07)N63 B44 DPetrol4.4530hp390kw2019-now
BMWi8 Roadster (I15)B38 K15 APetrol/Electric1.5374hp275kw2018-2020
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B46 A20 APetrol2.0211hp155kw2014-2018
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B47 C20 ADiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0150hp110kw2014-now
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B47 C20 BDiesel2.0190hp140kw2015-now
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B48 A20 APetrol2.0192hp141kw2015-now
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B48 A20 APetrol2.0211hp155kw2014-2018
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B48 A20 APetrol2.0211hp155kw2014-now
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B48 A20 BPetrol2.0231hp170kw2016-2019
MINIMINI CLUBMAN (F54)B48 A20 FPetrol2.0211hp155kw2014-2018