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CHRA Cartridge, charger

Art-Nr: 601598

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range

Product info

Chra Cartridge, Charger
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
PEUGEOT 9807149780* Original Turbo Charger New
CITROËN 9807149780*
CITROËN 9811192880*
FISPA 47.1598
HOFFER 65001598
MEAT & DORIA 601598
PEUGEOT 9811192880*
SIDAT 47.1598
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
CITROËNC4 GRAND PICASSO II (DA_, DE_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2014-now
CITROËNC4 Grand Picasso II5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2014-now
CITROËNC4 PICASSO II5FX (EP6DT)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2014-now
CITROËNC4 PICASSO II5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2014-now
CITROËNC4 Picasso II5FX (EP6DT)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2014-now
CITROËNC4 Picasso II5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2014-now
CITROËNC4 SPACETOURER (3D_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2018-now
CITROËNC5 AIRCROSS (A_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2019-now
CITROËNC5 AIRCROSS (A_)5GY (EP6FDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2019-now
CITROËNC5 AIRCROSS5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2019-now
CITROËNC5 AIRCROSS5GY (EP6FDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2019-now
CITROËNDS3 (SA_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2014-2015
CITROËNDS3 Convertible5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2014-2015
CITROËNDS4 (NX_)5FM (EP6CDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2012-2015
CITROËNDS4 (NX_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2012-2015
CITROËNDS45FM (EP6CDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2012-2015
CITROËNDS45GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2012-2015
CITROËNDS55GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol/Electric1.6165hp121kw2012-2015
CITROËNGRAND C4 SPACETOURER (3A_, 3E_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2018-now
CITROËNGRAND C4 SPACETOURER (3A_, 3E_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2018-now
DSDS 3 (SA_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2015-2019
DSDS 3 Convertible (SB_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2015-2019
DSDS 4 / DS 4 CROSSBACK (NX_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2015-2018
DSDS 5 (KF_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2015-2018
DSDS 55GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2015-2018
OPELGRANDLAND / GRANDLAND X (A18, P1UO)A 16 XHL (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2019-now
OPELGRANDLAND X (A18)A 16 XHL (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2019-now
PEUGEOT208 (CA_, CC_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2015-now
PEUGEOT208 I (CA_, CC_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2015-now
PEUGEOT3008 MPV (0U_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2014-2016
PEUGEOT3008 SUV (MC_, MR_, MJ_, M4_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2017-now
PEUGEOT3008 SUV (MC_, MR_, MJ_, M4_)5GY (EP6FDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2016-now
PEUGEOT3008 SUV (MC_, MR_, MJ_, M4_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2016-now
PEUGEOT3008 SUV (M_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2017-now
PEUGEOT3008 SUV (M_)5GY (EP6FDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2016-now
PEUGEOT3008 SUV (M_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2016-now
PEUGEOT308 II (LB_, LP_, LW_, LH_, L3_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2014-2021
PEUGEOT308 II5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2014-2021
PEUGEOT308 SW II (LC_, LJ_, LR_, LX_, L4_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2014-2021
PEUGEOT308 SW II5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2014-2021
PEUGEOT5008 (0U_, 0E_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2012-2017
PEUGEOT5008 II (MC_, MJ_, MR_, M4_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2018-now
PEUGEOT5008 II (MC_, MJ_, MR_, M4_)5GY (EP6FDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2016-now
PEUGEOT5008 II (MC_, MJ_, MR_, M4_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2016-now
PEUGEOT508 I (8D_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2011-2018
PEUGEOT508 II (FB_, FH_, F3_)5GX (EP6FDTMD)Petrol1.6150hp110kw2018-now
PEUGEOT508 II (FB_, FH_, F3_)5GY (EP6FDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2018-now
PEUGEOT508 SW I (8E_)5GZ (EP6FDT)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2012-2018
PEUGEOT508 SW II (FC_, FJ_, F4_)5GY (EP6FDTM)Petrol1.6165hp121kw2018-now