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Wiper Motor

Art-Nr: 27368

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Wiper Motor MEAT & DORIA 27368
Wiper Motor MEAT & DORIA 27368 main

Product info

Voltage [V]:
12 V
Fitting Position:
Mid range
Wiper Motor
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
METZGER 2190385 Budget Wiper Linkage
METZGER 2190927 Budget Wiper Motor
VEMO V40-07-0019 Mid range Wiper Motor
ERA 460315
FAST FT82823
FISPA 69863A2
HOFFER 2107368
MEAT & DORIA 27368
METZGER 2190892
OPEL 04419283
OPEL 093197310
OPEL 4419283
OPEL 93197310
REAL 27679171OE
SAAB 4419283
SANDO SWM15171.1
SIDAT 69863A2
SchferbartholdGmbH 465 28 209 01 11
WE PARTS 461880450
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 670Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 670Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 672Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 672Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 676Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 676Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 678Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 680Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 680Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 702Diesel2.3136hp100kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 702Diesel2.3163hp120kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 706Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 708Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 708Diesel2.3163hp120kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 716Diesel2.3136hp100kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 716Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 870Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 870Diesel2.3110hp81kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 870Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 876Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 880Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Bus (X62)M9T 880Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 670Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 670Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 672Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 672Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 676Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 676Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 678Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 680Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 680Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 686Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 690Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 690Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 692Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 692Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 694Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 694Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 696Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 696Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 696Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 698Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 698Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 698Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 700Diesel2.3136hp100kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 700Diesel2.3163hp120kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 702Diesel2.3136hp100kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 702Diesel2.3163hp120kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 706Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 708Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 710Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 710Diesel2.3163hp120kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 716Diesel2.3136hp100kw2014-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 716Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 870Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 870Diesel2.3110hp81kw2012-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 870Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 876Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 876Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 878Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 880Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 880Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 890Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 890Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 892Diesel2.3101hp74kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 892Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 896Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 896Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 898Diesel2.3125hp92kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 898Diesel2.3146hp107kw2010-now
OPELMOVANO B Van (X62)M9T 898Diesel2.3150hp110kw2013-now