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Washer Fluid Jet, headlight cleaning

Art-Nr: 209351

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Washer Fluid Jet, headlight cleaning MEAT & DORIA 209351
Washer Fluid Jet, headlight cleaning MEAT & DORIA 209351 main

Product info

Operating Mode:
Fitting Position:
both sides
Mid range
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
VEMO V95-08-0025 Mid range Washer Fluid Jet, headlight cleaning
VOLVO 31253730 Original Headlight Wipe/Wash Kit
HOFFER H209351
MEAT & DORIA 209351
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
VOLVOC30 (533)B 4164 S3Petrol1.6100hp74kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)B 4184 S11Petrol1.8125hp92kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)B 4184 S8Petrol/Ethanol1.8125hp92kw2007-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)B 4204 S3Petrol2.0145hp107kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)B 4204 S4Petrol/Ethanol2.0146hp107kw2010-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)B 5244 S4Petrol2.4170hp125kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)B 5254 T3Petrol2.5220hp162kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)B 5254 T7Petrol2.5230hp169kw2007-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 4162 TDiesel1.6115hp84kw2010-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 4164 TDiesel1.6109hp80kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 4204 TDiesel2.0136hp100kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 5204 T5Diesel2.0150hp110kw2010-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 5204 TDiesel2.0177hp130kw2010-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 5244 T13Diesel2.4180hp132kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 5244 T8Diesel2.4180hp132kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)D 5244 T9Diesel2.4163hp120kw2006-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)E400V1ElectricNone112hp82kw2010-2012
VOLVOC30 (533)E400V1ElectricNone120hp89kw2010-2012
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)B 5244 S4Petrol2.4170hp125kw2006-2009
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)B 5244 S5Petrol2.4140hp103kw2006-2009
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)B 5254 T3Petrol2.5220hp162kw2006-2007
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)B 5254 T7Petrol2.5230hp169kw2007-2013
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)D 4204 TDiesel2.0136hp100kw2008-2009
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)D 5204 T5Diesel2.0150hp110kw2010-2013
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)D 5204 TDiesel2.0177hp130kw2010-2013
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)D 5244 T13Diesel2.4180hp132kw2006-2013
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)D 5244 T8Diesel2.4180hp132kw2006-2013
VOLVOC70 II Convertible (542)D 5244 T9Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2013
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 4164 S3Petrol1.6101hp74kw2005-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 4184 S11Petrol1.8125hp92kw2004-2010
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 4184 S8Petrol/Ethanol1.8125hp92kw2006-2010
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 4204 S3Petrol2.0146hp107kw2006-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 4204 S4Petrol/Ethanol2.0146hp107kw2009-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 5244 S4Petrol2.4170hp125kw2004-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 5244 S5Petrol2.4140hp103kw2004-2010
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 5254 T3Petrol2.5220hp162kw2004-2007
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 5254 T7Petrol2.5230hp169kw2007-2010
VOLVOS40 II (544)B 5254 T7Petrol2.5230hp169kw2007-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 4162 TDiesel1.6115hp84kw2010-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 4164 TDiesel1.6110hp81kw2005-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 4204 TDiesel2.0136hp100kw2004-2010
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 5204 T5Diesel2.0150hp110kw2010-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 5204 TDiesel2.0177hp130kw2010-2012
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 5244 T13Diesel2.4179hp132kw2006-2010
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 5244 T8Diesel2.4179hp132kw2006-2010
VOLVOS40 II (544)D 5244 T9Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)B 4164 S3Petrol1.6101hp74kw2005-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)B 4184 S11Petrol1.8125hp92kw2004-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)B 4184 S8Petrol/Ethanol1.8125hp92kw2005-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)B 4204 S3Petrol2.0146hp107kw2006-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)B 4204 S4Petrol/Ethanol2.0146hp107kw2010-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)B 5244 S4Petrol2.4170hp125kw2004-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)B 5244 S5Petrol2.4140hp103kw2004-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)B 5254 T3Petrol2.5220hp162kw2004-2007
VOLVOV50 (545)B 5254 T7Petrol2.5230hp169kw2007-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)B 5254 T7Petrol2.5230hp169kw2007-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)D 4162 TDiesel1.6114hp84kw2010-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)D 4164 TDiesel1.6109hp80kw2005-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)D 4164 TDiesel1.6110hp81kw2005-2011
VOLVOV50 (545)D 4204 TDiesel2.0136hp100kw2004-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)D 5204 T5Diesel2.0150hp110kw2010-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)D 5204 TDiesel2.0177hp130kw2010-2012
VOLVOV50 (545)D 5244 T13Diesel2.4179hp132kw2006-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)D 5244 T8Diesel2.4179hp132kw2006-2010
VOLVOV50 (545)D 5244 T9Diesel2.4163hp120kw2007-2010