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Sensor, exhaust gas temperature

Art-Nr: 12817

Supplier: MEAT & DORIA Mid range
Sensor, exhaust gas temperature MEAT & DORIA 12817
Sensor, exhaust gas temperature MEAT & DORIA 12817 main

Product info

Cable Length [mm]:
500 mm
for OE number:
Rated Voltage [V]:
12 V
Number of connectors:
Sensor, Exhaust Gas Temperature
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
FISPA 82.709
FORD 2122966
FORD H1B1-12B591-AB
HOFFER 7452817
MEAT & DORIA 12817
SIDAT 82.709
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVUGCADiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVUGCBDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXUCCDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXUCDDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXUCEDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXWCADiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXWCBDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXXCADiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXXCBDiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTOURNEO COURIER B460 MPVXXCCDiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVUGCADiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVUGCBDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXUCCDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXUCDDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXUCEDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXWCADiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXWCBDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXXCADiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXXCBDiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 Box Body/MPVXXCCDiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVUGCADiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVUGCBDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXUCCDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXUCDDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXUCEDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXWCADiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXWCBDiesel1.575hp55kw2014-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXXCADiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXXCBDiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now
FORDTRANSIT COURIER B460 MPVXXCCDiesel1.5100hp74kw2018-now