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Outer door handle

Art-Nr: 350105050300

Supplier: MAGNETI MARELLI Unknown

Product info

Fitting Position:
Left Rear
Door Handle
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
MAGNETI MARELLI 350105050300 Unknown Outer door handle
RENAULT 8200 283 010 Original Part - 8200283010 - Door Handle Rh
NISSAN 80606-00QAC
OPEL 44 00 536
OPEL 44 14 503
OPEL 91 168 524
RENAULT 80 50 644 07R
RENAULT 82 00 012 703
TRICLO 125463
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-2006
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)F4R 722Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-2006
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)F9Q 762Diesel1.980hp60kw2001-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2008-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)G9U 632Diesel2.5145hp107kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Bus (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Platform/Chassis (X83)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2002-2006
NISSANPRIMASTAR Platform/Chassis (X83)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2002-2006
NISSANPRIMASTAR Platform/Chassis (X83)F9Q 762Diesel1.982hp60kw2002-2006
NISSANPRIMASTAR Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2002-2006
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2003-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)F4R 722Petrol2.0120hp88kw2003-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)F9Q 760Diesel1.9100hp74kw2002-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)F9Q 762Diesel1.982hp60kw2002-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2008-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)G9U 632Diesel2.5145hp107kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
NISSANPRIMASTAR Van (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-2006
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)F9Q 762Diesel1.980hp60kw2001-2006
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2006-2010
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2010
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 784Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Bus (X83)M9R 788Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2002-2006
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-2010
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)F9Q 762Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2006-2010
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2010
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 784Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Platform/Chassis (X83)M9R 788Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-2006
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)F9Q 762Diesel1.980hp60kw2001-2006
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9MB6Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2006-2010
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2010
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 692Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 784Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-2014
OPELVIVARO A Van (X83)M9R 788Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-2014
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F4R 722Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F9Q 760Diesel1.9102hp75kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F9Q 760Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F9Q 762Diesel1.980hp59kw2001-2003
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)F9Q 762Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2007-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Box (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)F4R 722Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)F9Q 760Diesel1.9102hp75kw2012-2018
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)F9Q 762Diesel1.980hp59kw2001-2003
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)F9Q 762Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2008-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Bus (JL)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)F9Q 762Diesel1.980hp59kw2001-2003
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)F9Q 762Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2007-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Platform/Chassis (EL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F4R 720Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F4R 722Petrol2.0120hp88kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F4R 820Petrol2.0117hp86kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F9Q 760Diesel1.9101hp74kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F9Q 760Diesel1.9102hp75kw2001-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F9Q 760Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F9Q 762Diesel1.980hp59kw2001-2003
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)F9Q 762Diesel1.982hp60kw2001-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5114hp84kw2007-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)G9U 630Diesel2.5146hp107kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)G9U 730Diesel2.5135hp99kw2003-2006
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 630Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 692Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 780Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 782Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.0114hp84kw2006-now
RENAULTTRAFIC II Van (FL)M9R 786Diesel2.090hp66kw2006-now
no image MAGNETI MARELLI Alternator MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 063730851010 Plug Type ID: CPA0090 Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 59 mm Pulleys: with V-ribbed belt pulley Alternator Charge Current [A]: 65 A Voltage [V]: 12 V Number of mounting bores: 2
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Handling time: About 15 business day(s) Handling Time: About 15 business day(s)
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no image MAGNETI MARELLI Outer door handle MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 350105050000 Colour: Black Fitting Position: Left Front
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no image MAGNETI MARELLI Outer door handle MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 350105050400 Fitting Position: Left Front
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no image MAGNETI MARELLI Outer door handle MAGNETI MARELLI Art-Nr: 350105050600 Fitting Position: Rear
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