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Sensor, wheel speed

Art-Nr: 1060121

Supplier: KAMOKA Budget
Sensor, wheel speed KAMOKA 1060121
Sensor, wheel speed KAMOKA 1060121 2
Sensor, wheel speed KAMOKA 1060121 3
Sensor, wheel speed KAMOKA 1060121 4
Sensor, wheel speed KAMOKA 1060121 main

Product info

Fitting Position:
Rear Axle Right
Sensor Type:
Active sensor
Sensor, Wheel Speed
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
FEBI BILSTEIN 108131 Mid range Sensor, wheel speed
KAMOKA 1060121 Budget Sensor, wheel speed
MAGNETI MARELLI 172100120010 Budget Sensor, wheel speed
OPTIMAL 06-S721 Budget Sensor, wheel speed
RENAULT 82 00 862 228 Original Part - 8200862228 - Sensor-Rr Rh Wheel
RENAULT 8200862228 Original Part - 8200862228 - Sensor-Rr Rh Wheel
TRW GBS2653 Mid range Sensor, wheel speed
A.B.S. 31381
BOSCH 0 265 008 228
NK 293952
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K4M 690Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K4M 694Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K4M 696Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K4M 842Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K4M 896Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 612Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 626Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 796Diesel1.586hp63kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 830Diesel1.586hp63kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 884Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 892Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 896Diesel1.5107hp79kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTER (HS_)K9K 898Diesel1.5107hp79kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK4M 690Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK4M 694Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK4M 696Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK4M 842Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK4M 896Petrol1.6105hp77kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 612Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 626Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 796Diesel1.586hp63kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 830Diesel1.586hp63kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 884Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 892Diesel1.590hp66kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 896Diesel1.5107hp79kw2010-2018
DACIADUSTERK9K 898Diesel1.5107hp79kw2010-2018