Insert, spotlight

Art-Nr: 1FE161576-011

Supplier: HELLA
Insert, spotlight HELLA 1FE161576-011 main
Insert, spotlight HELLA 1FE161576-011
Insert, spotlight HELLA 1FE161576-011 2
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Product info

    Mounting Type: mounting
    Mounting Type: Fitting
    Inspection Tag: ECE
    Inspection Tag: E1 1741
    Light Function: with high beam
    Rated Voltage [V]: 24
    Rated Voltage [V]: 12
    Bulb Type: Socket Bulb
    Number of light functions: 1
    • EAN: 40 82300 17854 8
    • Category: Spotlight/ Insert
    • Condition: new
    • Item Number: 1FE161576011

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