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Brake Valve, service brake

Art-Nr: 106255


Product info

Length [mm]:
215 mm
Number of mounting bores:
Width [mm]:
110 mm
Number of connectors:
Weight [kg]:
2.153 kg
Additional Info:
for driving brake , These products are designed to be used as originally intended and not modified for purpose. Please ensure the products are installed by a competent individual. N.B. products are usually supplied without fitting instructions.
Brake Valve, Service Brake
Item Number:
571 176
570 864
1 385 439
0 570 864
0 571 176
1 428 512
BrandModelEngine codeFuelDisplacementHPKWYear
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.01None340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.01None340hp250kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.01DieselNone340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.01DieselNone340hp250kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02None379hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02None380hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02None380hp280kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02None381hp280kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02DieselNone379hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02DieselNone380hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02DieselNone380hp280kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.02DieselNone381hp280kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.03None340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.03None340hp250kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.03DieselNone340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.03DieselNone340hp250kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.04None379hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.04None380hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.04None381hp280kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.04DieselNone379hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.04DieselNone380hp279kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.04DieselNone380hp280kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.04DieselNone381hp280kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 11.07None320hp235kw1997-1999
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.01None419hp308kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.01None420hp308kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.01None420hp309kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.01None420hp309kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.01DieselNone420hp309kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.01DieselNone420hp309kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.03None419hp308kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.03None420hp308kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.03None420hp309kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.03None420hp309kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.03DieselNone420hp309kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 12.09None420hp309kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 16.01None579hp426kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 16.01None580hp426kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 16.01DieselNone579hp426kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 16.01DieselNone580hp426kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 16.02None480hp353kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 16.02DieselNone480hp353kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.01None230hp169kw1999-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.01DieselNone230hp169kw1999-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.02None260hp191kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.02DieselNone260hp191kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.03None300hp220kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.03DieselNone300hp221kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.04None230hp169kw1999-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.04DieselNone230hp169kw1999-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.05DieselNone260hp191kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.20None269hp198kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.21None269hp198kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDC 9.21None310hp228kw2005-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 11.07None340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 11.07DieselNone340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 11.79None340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 11.79None340hp250kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 11.79DieselNone340hp250kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.01None400hp294kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.01None400hp294kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.01DieselNone400hp294kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.01DieselNone400hp294kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.02None360hp265kw1995-2016
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.02None360hp265kw1995-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.02None360hp265kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.02None360hp265kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.02DieselNone360hp265kw1995-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.02DieselNone360hp265kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.02DieselNone360hp265kw2004-2005
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.05None419hp308kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.05None420hp308kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.05None420hp309kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.05None420hp309kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.05DieselNone420hp309kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 12.05DieselNone420hp309kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.13None530hp390kw1995-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.13None530hp390kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.13None530hp390kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.13None530hp390kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.13DieselNone530hp390kw1995-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.13DieselNone530hp390kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.13DieselNone530hp390kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.15None460hp338kw1995-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.15None460hp338kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.15None460hp338kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.15DieselNone460hp338kw1995-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.15DieselNone460hp338kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 14.15DieselNone460hp338kw1997-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.11None220hp162kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.11DieselNone220hp162kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.12None260hp191kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.12None260hp191kw1998-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.12DieselNone260hp191kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.13None310hp228kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.13DieselNone300hp221kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.13DieselNone310hp228kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.15None310hp228kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.15DieselNone300hp221kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDSC 9.15DieselNone310hp228kw1996-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDT 12.02None470hp345kw2001-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDT 12.02DieselNone469hp345kw2000-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDT 12.02DieselNone470hp345kw2001-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDT 12.06None470hp345kw2001-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDT 12.08None440hp324kw2001-now
SCANIA4 - seriesDT 12.08DieselNone440hp324kw2001-now


Starter BOSCH 0001223506BOSCHStarterBOSCHArt-Nr: 0001223506Fastening hole angle measurement [Degree]: 40 °Jaw opening angle measurement [Degree]: 40 °Connecting Angle [Degree]: 40 °Clamp: 30Clamp: 50Rated Voltage [V]: 12 VRated Power [kW]: 2.6 kWNumber of mounting bores: 2Number of Thread Bores: 0Number of Teeth: 11Flange Ø [mm]: 82.5 mmRotation Direction: Clockwise rotationPinion Rest Position [mm]: 21 mmStarter Type: Self-supportingBore Ø [mm]: 13.5 mmBore Ø 2 [mm]: 13.5 mmLength [mm]: 288 mmWidth [mm]: 94 mmHeight [mm]: 168.7 mmPosition / Degree: rechts °

This product is not available.

Starter BOSCH 0001262032BOSCHStarterBOSCHArt-Nr: 0001262032Fastening hole angle measurement [Degree]: 40 °Jaw opening angle measurement [Degree]: 40 °Connecting Angle [Degree]: 40 °Clamp: 30Clamp: 50Rated Voltage [V]: 12 VRated Power [kW]: 3 kWNumber of mounting bores: 2Number of Thread Bores: 0Number of Teeth: 11Flange Ø [mm]: 82.5 mmRotation Direction: Clockwise rotationPinion Rest Position [mm]: 22.7 mmStarter Type: Self-supportingBore Ø [mm]: 13.5 mmBore Ø 2 [mm]: 13.5 mmLength [mm]: 315 mmPosition / Degree: rechts °

This product is not available.

Wiper Blade BOSCH 3397009843BOSCHWiper BladeBOSCHArt-Nr: 3397009843Left-/right-hand drive vehicles: for left-hand drive vehiclesQuantity Unit: SetLength 1 [mm]: 550 mmLength 2 [mm]: 550 mmWiper blade type: Flat wiper blade
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no imageFORDInsulator - RubberFORDArt-Nr: 6N293C716AASupplied by: Ford Europe

This product is not available.

no imageTOYOTA / LEXUSLink Assy, Rear Stabilizer, LhTOYOTA / LEXUSArt-Nr: 48830-30090
no VAT req.
Special OrderHandling time: 15-25 working daysHT: 15-25 working days
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no imageSCANIAService Brake ValveSCANIAArt-Nr: 1428512
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Special OrderHandling time: About 20 working daysHT: About 20 working days
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