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Clutch pedal stop buffer

Art-Nr: 35306761031

Supplier: BMW

Product info

Item Number:
BrandModelEngine codeFuelDisplacementHPKWYear
BMW5 (E60)M47 D20 (204D4)Diesel2.0163hp120kw2005-2009
BMW5 (E60)M54 B22 (226S1)Petrol2.2170hp125kw2003-2010
BMW5 (E60)M54 B25 (256S5)Petrol2.5186hp137kw2003-2009
BMW5 (E60)M54 B25 (256S5)Petrol2.5192hp141kw2003-2005
BMW5 (E60)M54 B30 (306S3)Petrol3.0228hp168kw2004-2005
BMW5 (E60)M54 B30 (306S3)Petrol3.0231hp170kw2001-2005
BMW5 (E60)N43 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2006-2010
BMW5 (E60)N43 B20 APetrol2.0170hp125kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N47 D20 ADiesel2.0177hp130kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2005-2009
BMW5 (E60)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0177hp130kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 APetrol2.5177hp130kw2004-2007
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 APetrol2.5190hp140kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 APetrol2.5211hp155kw2005-2010
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 APetrol2.5218hp160kw2005-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 BPetrol2.5177hp130kw2004-2007
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 BPetrol2.5218hp160kw2005-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 BEPetrol2.5177hp130kw2004-2007
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 BEPetrol2.5190hp140kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B25 BFPetrol2.5218hp160kw2005-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B30 APetrol3.0228hp168kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B30 APetrol3.0254hp187kw2005-2010
BMW5 (E60)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2005-2007
BMW5 (E60)N52 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2005-2007
BMW5 (E60)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N53 B25 APetrol2.5190hp140kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N53 B30 APetrol3.0211hp155kw2007-2010
BMW5 (E60)N53 B30 APetrol3.0218hp160kw2007-2010
BMW5 (E60)N53 B30 APetrol3.0218hp160kw2008-2010
BMW5 (E60)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2009
BMW5 (E60)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2008-2009
BMW5 (E60)N62 B44 APetrol4.4329hp242kw2003-2005
BMW5 (E60)N62 B44 APetrol4.4333hp245kw2003-2005
BMW5 Touring (E61)M47 D20 (204D4)Diesel2.0150hp110kw2005-2007
BMW5 Touring (E61)M47 D20 (204D4)Diesel2.0163hp120kw2005-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)M54 B25 (256S5)Petrol2.5192hp141kw2004-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)M57 D25 (256D2)Diesel2.5163hp120kw2004-2007
BMW5 Touring (E61)N43 B20 APetrol2.0163hp120kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N43 B20 APetrol2.0170hp125kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N47 D20 ADiesel2.0177hp130kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0163hp120kw2005-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N47 D20 CDiesel2.0177hp130kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 APetrol2.5177hp130kw2004-2007
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 APetrol2.5190hp140kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 APetrol2.5211hp155kw2005-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 APetrol2.5218hp160kw2005-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 BPetrol2.5177hp130kw2004-2007
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 BPetrol2.5218hp160kw2005-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 BEPetrol2.5177hp130kw2004-2007
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B25 BFPetrol2.5218hp160kw2005-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2004-2007
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2006-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2004-2007
BMW5 Touring (E61)N53 B25 APetrol2.5190hp140kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N53 B30 APetrol3.0211hp155kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N53 B30 APetrol3.0218hp160kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N53 B30 APetrol3.0218hp160kw2008-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2008-2010
BMW5 Touring (E61)N62 B44 APetrol4.4333hp245kw2004-2010
BMW6 (E63)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2004-2007
BMW6 (E63)N52 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 (E63)N52 B30 BPetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 (E63)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2004-2007
BMW6 (E63)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 (E63)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 (E63)N62 B44 APetrol4.4329hp242kw2004-2005
BMW6 (E63)N62 B44 APetrol4.4333hp245kw2003-2005
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N52 B30 APetrol3.0258hp190kw2004-2007
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N52 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N52 B30 BPetrol3.0258hp190kw2004-2007
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N52 B30 BPetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0258hp190kw2004-2007
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N52 B30 BFPetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N53 B30 APetrol3.0272hp200kw2007-2010
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N62 B44 APetrol4.4329hp242kw2004-2005
BMW6 Convertible (E64)N62 B44 APetrol4.4333hp245kw2004-2005