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Gusset plate for wheel housing right rear

Art-Nr: 8Z0801358

Product info

Extras / Accessories
Item Number:

Additional info

Equipment levels
PR NumberDescription
A8SStandard equipment
A9GBasic comfort equipment
A9PEquipment for three-liter vehicle for export

Tool kit and jack
PR NumberDescription
1S7Tool kit and aluminum jack

Roof insert/convertible top
PR NumberDescription
3FAWithout roof insert (standard roof)
3FFRoof inserts, twin sliding glass sunroofoperated electrically

Base engine
PR NumberDescription
T0U3-cylinder diesel engine 1.4 L unit 045.B
T1Q4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.4 L unit 036.D (aluminum)
T4A3-cylinder diesel engine 1.2 L unit 045.C (aluminum)
T603-cylinder diesel engine 1.4 L unit 045.D
T944-cylinder gasoline engine 1.6 L unit 036.N

Heating and air conditioning system
PR NumberDescription
9AAManually controlled heating system
9AKClimatronic with impact pressure control free of cfc

Body measures
PR NumberDescription
5C0Without special body measures
5C6Additional body measures
5C7Additional body measures

Rear cargo area
PR NumberDescription
3GAWithout cargo area
3GERaised rear cargo area

Spare wheel/breakdown set
PR NumberDescription
1G0Without spare wheel
1G8Breakdown set
3F1Collapsible spare wheel

BrandModelEngine codeFuelDisplacementHPKWYear
AUDIA2 (8Z0)AMFDiesel1.475hp55kw2000-2005
AUDIA2 (8Z0)ANYDiesel1.261hp45kw2001-2005
AUDIA2 (8Z0)ATLDiesel1.490hp66kw2003-2005
AUDIA2 (8Z0)AUAPetrol1.475hp55kw2000-2005
AUDIA2 (8Z0)BADPetrol1.6110hp81kw2002-2005
AUDIA2 (8Z0)BBYPetrol1.475hp55kw2000-2005
AUDIA2 (8Z0)BHCDiesel1.475hp55kw2000-2005