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Camshaft Adjuster

Art-Nr: A70-0758

Supplier: ACKOJAP Mid range
Camshaft Adjuster ACKOJAP A70-0758
Camshaft Adjuster ACKOJAP A70-0758 2
Camshaft Adjuster ACKOJAP A70-0758 3
Camshaft Adjuster ACKOJAP A70-0758 main

Product info

Fitting Position:
Intake Side
Mid range
Camshaft Adjuster
Item Number:
Brand Code Quality Product Price
ACKOJAP A70-0758 Mid range Camshaft Adjuster
BLUE PRINT ADBP740054 Mid range Camshaft Adjuster
FEBI BILSTEIN 177704 Mid range Camshaft Adjuster
TOYOTA / LEXUS 13050-0V011 Original Gear Assy, Camshaft Timing
TOYOTA / LEXUS 13050-36010 Original Gear Assy, Camshaft Timing
TOYOTA / LEXUS 13050-36011 Original Gear Assy, Camshaft Timing
at autoteile germany at23126 Mid range Camshaft Adjuster
BBR Automotive 001-10-22154
LYNXauto TV-0038
TOYOTA / LEXUS 13050-0V010
ÜRO Parts TY1414877
Brand Model Engine code Fuel Displacement HP KW Year
LEXUSRX (GYL1_, GGL15, AGL10)1AR-FEPetrol2.7188hp138kw2008-2015
LEXUSRX (_L1_)1AR-FEPetrol2.7188hp138kw2008-2015
TOYOTACAMRY Saloon (_V4_)2AR-FEPetrol2.5175hp129kw2010-2011
TOYOTACAMRY Saloon (_V5_)2AR-FEPetrol2.5181hp133kw2011-now
TOYOTAHIGHLANDER / KLUGER (_U4_)1AR-FEPetrol2.7189hp139kw2008-2014
TOYOTARAV 4 IV (_A4_)2AR-FEPetrol2.5180hp132kw2012-now
TOYOTAVENZA (_V1_)1AR-FEPetrol2.7185hp136kw2008-2016