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Automotive lighting42 300 products

Combination Rearlight MAGNETI MARELLI 714029541701
Combination Rearlight
Art-Nr: 714029541701
Light Function: with rear fog lightSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without lamp baseLens Colour: OrangeIndicator Colour: OrangeFitting Position: Left
Fog Light HELLA 1NA962530-011
Fog Light
Art-Nr: 1NA962530-011
Supplementary Article/Info 2: without bulbsRated Voltage [V]: 12 VAdditional Info: FF-H3 fog lamp, left, with pre-fitted 12V bulbInspection Tag: E1 77Light Design: HalogenLight Design: FFLight Function: with fog lightBulb Type: H3Fitting Position: LeftNumber of light functions: 1
Indicator HELLA 2BA010118-011
Art-Nr: 2BA010118-011
Light Design: Bulb TechnologyRated Voltage [V]: 12 VInspection Tag: ECELight Function: with indicatorLens Colour: YellowBulb Type: H21 WSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with lamp baseSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with bulbNumber of light functions: 1Fitting Position: Left
Fog Light HELLA 1ND003590-001
Fog Light
Art-Nr: 1ND003590-001
Rated Voltage [V]: 12 VSupplementary Article/Info 2: without bulbsIlluminated Area [mm]: 195 x 96 mmAdditional Info: Clear lens. With anti-glare fitment. Two 3.5 mm dia. holes for fixing screws. Reading lamp without switchMounting Type: mountingInspection Tag: E1 8361Light Design: HalogenLight Function: with fog lightHousing Colour: BlackBulb Type: H3Fastening Type: SuspendedFitting Position: RightFitting Position: LeftNumber of light functions: 1
Headlight HELLA 1EX011770-321
Art-Nr: 1EX011770-321
Fitting Position: RightBulb Type: PY21WLight Design: LEDLight Function: with indicatorLight Function: with daytime running light (LED)Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without LED control unit for daytime running-/position lighSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with bulbNumber of light functions: 5Light Function: with position light (LED)Light Function: with low beam (LED)Light Function: with high beam (LED)Left-hand / Right-hand Traffic: for right-hand traffic
Fog Light DEPO 214-2035N-UE
Fog Light
Art-Nr: 214-2035N-UE
Registration Type: E-type checkedFitting Position: LeftFitting Position: RightBulb Type: H3Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with lamp baseLens Colour: White
Bulb, spotlight BOSCH 1987301007
Bulb, spotlight
Art-Nr: 1987301007
Voltage [V]: 12 VRated Power [W]: 55 WSocket Type: PK22sBulb Type: H3
Turn Signal Indicator DEPO 441-1517R-UE-C
Turn Signal Indicator
Art-Nr: 441-1517R-UE-C
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without bulbFitting Position: RightRegistration Type: E-type checkedSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without lamp baseLens Colour: Crystal clearRelay function: Indicator
Combination Rearlight HELLA 2VD007500-411
Combination Rearlight
Art-Nr: 2VD007500-411
Rated Voltage [V]: 24 VWidth [mm]: 525 mmHeight [mm]: 139 mmLight Function: with taillightLight Function: with rear fog lightNumber of Poles: 7 terminalAdditional Info: With amber reflex-reflector and amber side-marker light with reflex-reflector. With 7-pole, amber centre bayonet plug and grommets on side. Tail-reflex reflector-stop-flasher-rear fog- reversing-end-outline-marker lamp with side-marker light, reflex-reflector with numberplate illumination, leftAdditional Info: Combination rearlight with numberplate, rear fog, reversing, end-outline marker light, with reflex-reflector and marker reflex-reflector, with pre-fitted 24V bulbs and centre plug, leftSupplementary Article/Info 2: with bulbsMounting Type: mountingFastening Type: for horizontal fasteningInspection Tag: E1 63217Inspection Tag: E1 31432Light Function: with marker lampLight Function: with side marker lightLight Function: with reflectorLight Function: with reverse lightLight Function: with number plate lightLight Function: with stop lightLight Function: with indicatorHousing Colour: BlackBulb Type: R10WBulb Type: P21WSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with lamp baseNumber of light functions: 9Fitting Position: Left
Lens, combination rearlight ULO 6862-01
Lens, combination rearlight
Art-Nr: 6862-01
without screenFitting Position: LeftDriver Position: for left-hand drive vehiclesRegistration Type: E-type checkedSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without lamp baseLight Design: Bulb TechnologyHousing Type: without housingIndicator Colour: YellowIndicator colour: YellowRear light colour: RedBrake light colour: RedWeight [kg]: 0,173Quality: OEMQuality: ORIGINAL
Fog Light DEPO 665-2003R-UE
Fog Light
Art-Nr: 665-2003R-UE
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without bulbFitting Position: RightBulb Type: H8Registration Type: E-type checkedSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without lamp baseModel year to: 2009
Headlight DEPO 771-1104L-LD-EM
Art-Nr: 771-1104L-LD-EM
Registration Type: E-type checkedFitting Position: LeftBulb Type: H4Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles with headlamp levelling (electric)Supplementary Article/Info 2: without motor for headlamp levelling
Turn Signal Indicator DEPO 431-1603L-UE
Turn Signal Indicator
Art-Nr: 431-1603L-UE
Registration Type: E-type checkedSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without bulbFitting Position: LeftVehicle Equipment: for vehicles without fog lightsSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without lamp base
Diffusing Lens, headlight
Art-Nr: 47-441-1115RELD
Fitting Position: RightSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without socketRegistration Type: E-type checkedSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: without bulb
Diffusing Lens, headlight
Art-Nr: 47#440-1182REND
Registration Type: E-type checkedFitting Position: RightSupplementary Article/Supplementary Info: with seal
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Understanding the 3 Bulb Types; Halogen, Xenon (HID), LED

Halogen headlights are the standard incandescent, filament-type bulbs. They have been in use for many years, are durable and inexpensive.

Xenon headlights, also called high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, are a common upgrade from halogen bulbs. HIDs are very bright and intense, but their power consumption is high. HID headlights typically use xenon gas instead of halogen gas, which improves both light output and aesthetics.

LED lights are not incandescent bulbs, but create light by use of semiconductor technology; light emitting diodes. LEDs are solid state and shock proof, because they don’t have a filament or a gas charge. They can last longer than halogen or HID, and use less energy, but are more expensive. LED lights are easy to install, either by yourself or by a professional technician.